Xstream Synthetic Urine Review: Does It Actually Work?

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Urine tests are the bane of every marijuana user’s existence. It’s a common way to catch traces of THC, and it’s also mandatory in a lot of workplaces today.

So what’s a conscious, hard-working weed smoker to do? Beat that test to puff another day! Luckily, there are plenty of tools at your disposal to bluff your way past a piss test. Today, I’ll be talking about one of the best methods: fake urine.

It’s a simple idea – just pass urine that isn’t your own so you won’t light up the test. But, with so many brands of fake urine out there, which one can you trust to get the job done? Let’s look at a product a lot of people have been advertising: Xstream Synthetic Urine.

XStream Alternative
Sub Solution
Sub Solution is the best and most reliable Xstream synthetic urine alternative on the market with over 99.99% success rate. It accurately replicates normal urine and comes with their patented heat activator formula.

Extremely Useful?

Fake urine isn’t that uncommon – aside from THC fans, there are many people interested in synthetic pee. From cheating drug tests to unusual stuff in the bedroom, the market for fake urine is big and booming.

But to pass a urine test on short notice, you can’t just go with any kind of fake pee. Lots of crooks out there can throw whatever ingredients they want in a bottle and market it as the real deal, but this stuff has to hold up against laboratory testing. So you can’t have any old bottle of piss – you need to have the best.

But is artificial pee all that you need?

When NOT to Use Fake Urine

Urinalysis is only ONE way of catching marijuana smokers – there are a lot of different tests out there that don’t rely on piss to get you flagged. Depending on the test you’ll be taking, you’ll have to prepare something different to fool it.

For example, if you have some time to prep before your exam (and not a lot of confidence that you can smuggle in fake pee) you can try a detox drink. They work by helping your body get rid of traces of weed faster so it doesn’t show up in your urine, though they vary in terms of effectiveness and cleansing time.

If you’re facing a hair or follicle test, toxin-scrubbing shampoo is your best bet. It can help rid your hair of traces of drugs with no damage, so your sample will come up clean. For the best results, you can combine it with other scrubbing tactics like the Macujo method.

Finally, a mouth swab test can be fooled by things like masking gum and cleansing mouthwash. With a little practice, you can even control where you’ll be swabbed so they’ll get a saliva sample that doesn’t have detectable traces of drugs.

Knowing what kind of test you’ll be facing is everything with bluffing it. It’s more than common sense – it’s giving you a greater chance of success at beating it. And that brings us back to the tool you’ll be using in this scenario.

XStream Alternative
Sub Solution
Sub Solution is the best and most reliable Xstream synthetic urine alternative on the market with over 99.99% success rate. It accurately replicates normal urine and comes with their patented heat activator formula.

It’s All In The Pee

So what’s the important stuff that you need to have with synthetic urine, and how well does Xstream hold up?


x-stream synthetic urineIngredients can make or break a bottle of synthetic urine. Don’t focus on realism (laboratory tests won’t look for that) or feel (that’s only for people who have other uses for the stuff), if you want laboratory-passing fake piss, you need laboratory-grade ingredients.

Ideally, your bottle of fake piss should replicate real pee without giving away any sign that it’s made of synthetic ingredients. There’s a lot of stuff in real pee that can’t be replicated, like microbes and bacterial growth. A lot of tests today don’t just scan your urine for traces of drugs, but they also break down the composition of your pee for closer analysis.

So how does Xstream do? Well, they do some things right here. For starters, their formula contains creatinine, one of the biggest markers that urinalysis looks for when examining pee. There’s also a bunch of other ingredients that you’d see in urine like uric acid and urea, so it replicates real pee… mostly.

One thing that gives Xstream away is that while the ingredients replicate real pee, they don’t actually go THAT far in making it LIKE real pee. It’s easy to mistake Xstream as the real thing when you’re looking at it, but against medical equipment? It might not be up to the job. As far as my testing goes, it can pass things like home tester kits but that’s no guarantee that it can sail through laboratory testing.

Verdict: Fail – too much of a risk. If you want to get something that will pass a proper urinalysis and not a urine test kit, look elsewhere.


You get many types of urine testers come testing day. There are some that are totally casual about the entire process, some that are a bit shy about the idea, and there are some that take their job VERY seriously and will scrutinize every drop of your pee. That last one can be a pain to deal with if you’re handing in a sample of fake pee. If they sense something is off, they’re well within their rights to call your bluff. And that might get messy.

So making sure that your fake pee looks, acts, and even SMELLS like the real thing is crucial. A lot of synthetic urine stumble on this characteristic, which can make the entire point of using them fall apart even before they’re examined.

As far as this is concerned, Xstream hits the nail on the head. It’s one of the best brands of synthetic urine out there for realism – it even foams like the real thing when shaken. If you have an overly cautious tester that will look at your piss bottle, then this is the brand for you.

Verdict: Pass – with flying colors. If you want pee that looks and smells like the real thing, Xstream works great!

Prep Time

Finally, your fake pee needs a little prep time, particularly with temperature. No one has cold piss. And if your tester is one of the attentive types that we talked about earlier, your sample won’t even make it to the testing table before you get caught.

There are plenty of ways to warm up fake pee, but the important part is that it has to be at a specific temperature. Too hot or too cold, and your tester will know right away you’ve handed in a fake sample. That’s why most urine brands include a temperature strip that can help warm up your pee long enough to get into the bottle without raising the alarm.

This is where Xstream really sucks. The kit comes with a hand warmer, but it’s not enough to raise the temperature of the sample to the usual levels you’d expect. It’s a little colder than other brands once applied, and in a high-grade medical test, that’s grounds for suspicion.

Verdict: Fail – prep is too unreliable. It’s not worth the risk.

So What Now?

Xstream is marketed as a fetish product, not medical-grade synthetic urine – so while it does well in the bedroom, it doesn’t quite pull its weight in a lab. There are cases where you can still use this to pass, if your testing conditions aren’t that strict. But that’s too big of a risk for people to take, especially if it’s their jobs on the line.

So where do you go? Personally, I’d recommend Sub Solution synthetic urine. It’s a brand that has years of experience in getting their formula just right to beat urinalysis tests, and they’re always improving it to keep up with newer lab exams. Their stuff is well-reviewed and reliable and they offer a lot of perks if you’re a repeat customer. For the best results, buy from their official website.

XStream Alternative
Sub Solution
Sub Solution is the best and most reliable Xstream synthetic urine alternative on the market with over 99.99% success rate. It accurately replicates normal urine and comes with their patented heat activator formula.

Xstreamly Unreliable

Xstream Synthetic Urine is not something I’d recommend to help you pass a urine test. It’s a little too unreliable to fool laboratory equipment, and while it scores high on the realism scale, it’s not the only thing they’ll be testing for.

If you want to be extra sure about your fake piss, opt for Sub Solution Kit. It’s a fast and reliable way to make sure your fake piss passes!