VigRX Plus Review – Your Pill to a Better Penis!

“Are you happy with your penis?”

It’s a question that’s simple to answer, but a lot of men still feel ashamed or uncomfortable talking about it. We’ve been told by everyone that “it’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean” and yet time after time, we’ve seen evidence that size matters. If not for the woman’s pleasure, at least for the man’s confidence.

Whether it’s erectile dysfunction, genetics, or chemical imbalances in the brain, there are so many reasons penises just don’t perform as advertised. So if size matters, shouldn’t we be able to talk about it? Shouldn’t we be able to DO something about it?

That’s where male enhancement pills like VigRX Plus come in. A pill for the man that wants more than what he has, it’s a product that claims to not only grow your penis but increase your sexual drive. So we did a little digging into whether this was all true, and this is what we found.

The Only Way?

Before we talk about best male enhancement pills, we’ve got to clarify that this isn’t the ONLY method of growing your dick size – though depending on a couple of factors, it might be the best option. Here are other ways you can grow your penis:

  • Penis pumps use combine pressure and suction to engorge the veins on your penis, making it grow.
  • Penis extenders are wearables that can stretch out the skin of your penis.
  • Penile creams and lotions can activate growth cells in your penis or make it swell before intercourse.
  • Penis surgery grafts skin and muscle to your penis, giving it length and girth.

Depending on factors like your diet, medical history, and the size of your penis, one of these methods can work better for you than others. The important thing is to do your research before getting anything that’ll change your penis size. It’s a huge investment of time, effort, and money – so don’t take it lightly!

An even better thing for you to do would be to get the advice of a medical professional. They’ll have the best idea of the steps you should take to grow your penis and give you expert advice on how to go about it without hurting yourself. Like any new medicine or medical procedure, always having a professional’s advice can go a long way towards getting the results you want.

But back to male enhancement pills: how do they work, and what can they do for you?

All In The Package

VigRX Plus Enlargement PillsThe best reason to take male enhancement pills over anything else is that it can offer a lot of benefits aside from just growing your penis. Aside from encouraging penile growth, it can also boost your libido, provide you with more stamina, and give you all the nutrients you need to be a porn-worthy sexual partner!

A good male enhancement pill can give you a noticeable difference every time you have sex – but a great one will leave you with lasting results that’ll boost your sexual confidence and improve your performance in bed! That’s why it’s important to pick the right brand, so you’ll get your money’s worth.

Nature vs Nurtured

So why choose VigRX Plus? The biggest thing that sets it apart from other male enhancement pills is that it’s one of the few formulas that are organic – no freaky laboratory substances or synthetic ingredients here! Unlike stuff like Viagra, VigRX’s formula is composed of a potent blend of tried-and-tested natural ingredients that have been used to improve sexual health for centuries.

There’s a slight drawback to having a formula made of all-natural ingredients: it’s not as potent or long-lasting as synthetic laboratory formulas. If you want fast solutions, then stuff like VigRX Plus might not be the thing you’re looking for. Since synthetic substances affect the body in more powerful ways, you might find that switching from them to VigRX can underwhelm at first.

But the benefits of having a non-synthetic formula outweigh that single drawback! There are three reasons why VigRX’s formula is better for you in the long run:

It’s Something Your Body Can Process Easier

Given the choice, your body will ALWAYS process organic ingredients much easier than synthetic ones. That means while VigRX can take longer to work compared to laboratory pills, it catches up once your body gets used to processing it.

It Strains The Body Less

Another thing that synthetic male enhancement pills often do is put the body under a lot of strain because of the potency of the ingredients. With an all-natural base, VigRX avoids this by being gentler on the body, exhausting it less and making it more suitable for the changes it brings.

It Doesn’t Have Any Side Effects

Finally, since all the ingredients are natural, you’re less likely to get any side effects from using VigRX. Most of the time, we get side effects from the medication that contains synthetic substances our body isn’t used to. But with organic compounds, your body can process them just fine with no adverse results!

But to understand HOW VigRX helps you get a better penis, we need to dive deeper into the ingredients. What’s in each pill?

VigRX Plus Ingredients

There are two kinds of ingredients in VigRX Plus pills:

  • Active ingredients, which are responsible for most of the changes,
  • Inactive ingredients, which support and improve the effects of the active components.

We won’t be talking about the inactive compounds since most if not all organic male enhancement pills have them. What’s worth looking at are the active ingredients, since these are the things that make VigRX Plus so effective.

Miura Pauma

This tree bark is native to the Amazon rainforest and has been used as a folk cure to treat low libido. The extracted component of this tree works as a powerful aphrodisiac, increasing your sex drive and helping you get ready to go whenever you want!

Hawthorn Berry

One of the best antioxidants in nature, these berries work wonders for increasing oxygen and blood flow throughout the body. Since your penis relies on getting an adequate and steady supply of blood to achieve an erection, this ingredient helps you stay at full mast for longer periods.


This herb has strong aphrodisiac properties, working as a mental and physical aid to increase libido and sex drive. It’s been used to treat erectile dysfunction and other related problems while conditioning the body to be more sexually active.

Asian Red Ginseng

If you need the stamina to back up a harder erection, few extracts are more potent than Asian Red Ginseng. It affects the hormones responsible for libido like testosterone, which gives you boost with both libido and stamina!


The key ingredient of VigRX Plus pills. It’s one of the best natural catalyzers found in nature, helping our body process and ingest compounds more efficiently. Combined with the already powerful ingredients, this makes the pills twice as effective as they would be!

Again, you’ll notice that there are NO synthetic ingredients there. As a herb-based product, this makes VigRX more effective at improving your sexual health in the long run, unlike other male enhancement pills.

But What About Results?

does vigrx plus work?

Getting more stamina and libido is fine, but let’s remember why we’re here: do we get a bigger penis by using VigRX?

The answer is yes. Many users report seeing significant changes to penis size after being on the pills for as little as a month, with some saying that they grew a good 1 to 1.5 inches after being on it for a year. That’s one of the best growth margins that any male enhancement pills can provide, even counting synthetic formulas!

And the best part? This growth is permanent. Unlike other male enhancement pills, once you get to your ideal penis size using VigRX, it doesn’t shrink after time. All you need to do is to be consistent with taking these pills, and you’ll get a bigger penis (with the sex drive to go with it) in no time.

VigRX is easy to recommend! It’s one of the few products that’s trusted by men around the country, and one of the few male enhancement pills that doctors recommend. There are no side effects, the changes are permanent: What more can a man ask for?

Sounds Great! Where Do I Get Them?

Before you rummage around for your credit card, a word of advice: be careful WHERE you will buy VigRX. It’s an in-demand product, and that means you’ll have to do a fair bit of research to find the best place to get a box. There are a lot of crooks out there looking to make a quick buck by selling fakes of VigRX, so make sure that you’re spending your money on the real thing!

Our advice is to just skip the middleman and go to the manufacturer’s website. You get to avoid a lot of trouble this way AND get access to perks like discounts and bulk orders! If you’re a repeat customer, you might even get to snag some exclusive deals.

Who Can Use VigRX Plus?

If you’re concerned that you might not be the best fit for VigRX Plus, don’t worry. Since it’s an all-natural product, any man looking to improve his sexual performance can use it! All you need to do is to stick to the instructions and you’ll be able to get your results in a few months.

You can also consult customer support if you have questions about using the product. They’re always online and reachable via the website, so shoot them a message if you’re ever feeling confused about how to take your pills!

But again, getting professional advice is never a bad thing. While the ingredients in VigRX are organic, there’s still the off-chance that one of them might react poorly with your body. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, are taking maintenance medication, or are at risk for severe allergic reactions, we STRONGLY recommend that you consult a doctor before taking VigRX male enhancement pills.

Not a Miracle Product, But Close

One last thing: VigRX is NOT a substitute for technique or the will to have sex. While it’s amazing at giving you the right tools to last longer, climax harder, and enjoy sex, it’s not a one-pop pill that will solve all your bedroom troubles once you take it. If your issues in bed stem from a lack of confidence or knowledge, VigRX Plus can’t do much about that – but it CAN give you the basics you need to start on a new sexual journey.

Another thing that VigRX Plus CAN’T do is work overnight. It works faster than other male enhancement pills on the market, but the earliest you can expect to see changes is in a week. Don’t take this product expecting to turn into a sexual prodigy in a few days. Like all good things, it takes time for VigRX to work its magic. But when it does, you’ll never look back.

Our Conclusion

If you’re less than happy with the size of your penis or want to up your game for your bedroom exploits, then VigRX is your best bet to achieving that goal. It doesn’t just give you a better penis: it gives you the energy, stamina, and confidence to use your dick to its full potential!

Just remember to always consult a doctor before taking VigRX Plus pills and follow the instructions to get the best results. All it takes is a little patience, some consistent effort, and maybe a little practice for you to have the best sex of your life.