Toxin Rid Detox Full Review: Does it Really Work?

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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of impending doom that accompanies the announcement of an upcoming mandatory drug test. Whether you’re a casual or regular user, the fact remains that the consequences for failing a drug test are absurdly serious. What should you do then when you only have a few days to prepare for a drug test you will surely fail? Allow me to introduce to you the Toxin Rid Detox program!

What Is Toxin Rid Detox?

toxin rid thc detox packageThe Toxin Rid Detox program is a ten-day program that aims to speed up the natural detoxification process of the body through the use of all-natural THC detox supplements. This variant of the program is the most thorough and is aimed towards the most chronic users. There are 3-day and 5-day variants for those who are looking for a less taxing experience. 

This detox program ensures that your body will completely be 100% cleansed of all residual components left behind by whatever substances you partake in. These metabolites are what lab techs look for when testing your pee and the Toxin Rid Detox program will give your body the slight push it needs to flush them all out. Taking any drug test after the program should then be a breeze!

How Does Toxin Rid Work?

toxin rid 10 day pillsAs stated earlier the Toxin Rid Detox program uses supplements to speed up the body’s natural detoxification processes. In other words, it’s gonna make you piss and poop a lot. The body normally takes anywhere between 1 and 30 days to completely get all the metabolites out of its system and the Toxin Rid Detox program really only wants to intensify this already existing bodily process. 

The detox program itself comes with three main products: the Pre-Rid pills, detox liquid, and dietary fiber. Check out our breakdown below of how each product works and how you should use them properly. It is very important to stick to the rigid schedule provided by the instructions in order to achieve maximum effectiveness. The program is designed in a specific way to ensure that your entire body is cleansed by the end of the program. 

Pre-Rid Pills

The Pre-Rid pills are made up of vitamins and supplements that are supposed to increase the frequency of one’s urination and feces production. Examples of these are iron, potassium, chloride, and magnesium to name a few. 

The main instruction for using these pills is to take three Pre-Rid pills every hour for five hours and a maximum of 15 pills per day. Remember to drink lots of water throughout the detox in order to replace the liquid that you are constantly expelling.

Detox Liquid

The detox liquid is similar to the Pre-Rid pills in the sense that it is also a concentration of vitamins and supplements that aid your body’s normal excretion process. This should be taken on the very last day of the program, 2 hours after ingesting the last of your Pre-Rid pills. Drink half of the detox liquid with around 16 oz of water or orange juice and make sure that you do not ingest anything for another two hours. Then repeat this process with the last half.

Dietary Fiber

The included dietary fiber is basically a last-minute push to make sure your body is completely clean. Think of it as a mild laxative that’s only supposed to be the cherry on top. It should be taken about an hour before your drug test. Mix the dietary fiber with some water and chug the whole thing within two minutes, making sure not to ingest anything for the next hour or so. Pee a few more times and then you should be ready for your test!

Does It Actually Work?

In my experience, yes the Toxin Rid Detox program does work. However, this program comes with some caveats. You must remember that this isn’t a magic potion that miraculously removes all the toxins from your body and that it is simply a way to speed up your own body’s natural processes. A chronic smoker of two years will not pass a drug test after undergoing a three-day detox program! 

Another important thing to consider is your body composition. Cannabis metabolites attach themselves and are stored in one’s body fat. This means that heavier people might want to go for longer programs because their bodies just naturally need a longer period of time to completely get rid of all traces of the drug!

Choose The Right Program!

In all honesty, there are a few people who go online and complain that this program did not work for them. While some of these statements might be valid, the majority of them are most likely customers who did manage their expectations or follow the instructions properly. 

toxin 5 day detoxThere are three packages to choose from, each with varying lengths and varying degrees of effectivity. This is where you need to be honest with yourself about what kind of user you are. A very casual user who only partakes every few weeks can probably get away with only undergoing the 5-day detox program while a daily user might need a little extra exercise alongside the 10-day detox program. 

My Toxin Rid Review

So what do I think about the Toxin Rid Detox program? Is it actually worth paying for despite there being lots of detox programs you can make yourself at home?  How does it compare to other detox programs found on the internet? After doing some research, here’s what I think about Toxin Rid.


  • Toxin Rid Detox program is reliable. As long as you follow the instructions and pick the right program, the Toxin Rid Detox program will ensure that your body is completely free from any metabolites that may compromise your drug test.
  • Toxin Rid Detox program is safe. Every product that comes with the pack is only made up of supplements and is tested to be safe for human consumption. 
  • Toxin Rid Detox program is convenient. The entire kit is delivered right to your doorstep and everything is ready for use. All you need to do is to read the instructions and begin your detox!


  • The program takes a few days to get to work. This means that you need a decent amount of time before the actual drug test for any chance to pass it. If your drug test is coming up soon and you don’t have enough time to finish the detox program, perhaps you’re better off looking for an alternative solution such as synthetic urine. 
  • You will poop a lot.

The program itself might be a little uncomfortable while you’re undergoing it considering you will most likely have diarrhea for a few days. It isn’t anything you can’t handle though and it will all be worth it once you pass your drug test. Just remember to stay hydrated and to eat enough!


All in all, I would say that the Toxin Rid Detox program is worth checking out for anyone in need of a little boost to get through their upcoming drug test. It provides you with everything you need to completely cleanse your body of any toxins that may have gotten left behind, and at a very reasonable price too! They also manage to cover all bases by providing the 3-day and 5-day options for those who aren’t heavy users. 

There are other options that you might consider when checking out ways to pass a drug test but the Toxin Rid Detox program is the only one that really ensures you can pass the test in the most natural way possible. No one can question your sample considering it’s definitely your pee in the cup you give to the lab techs. This reliability and convenience is why I implore anyone with an upcoming drug test to check out Toxin Rid!