The Best Detox Pills for THC Drug Test

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THC, the substance in marijuana that gets you high, can stay in your system for weeks or months. However, a natural detox aid can help reduce the toxins in your system more quickly. The best detox pills for drug test will let you naturally pass a drug test.

However, not all detox methods are equal. The detox process depends on many factors, including your metabolism and your rate of marijuana use. Read on to find out how to use detox pills for drug test and where to find the best ones.toxin rid thc detox package

Do Detox Pills for THC Really Work?

Detox pills for THC are not an instant fix. If someone has told you that detox pills don’t work, it’s probably because they thought it would immediately eliminate drugs from their urine. The truth is, a detox pill is a supplement to help your body rid itself of toxins in a natural way. The key to getting the most out of a pill or detox drink is to understand how your body works.

Your body has a natural detox process to eliminate toxins. Your liver filters out toxins in your blood, and your kidneys filter out water-soluble drug toxins through your sweat and urine. When you consume a drug, it converts into metabolites in your blood.

If you are a light THC user, drug toxins are eliminated fairly quickly through your urine. If you are a heavy user, your system may have more toxins that require a longer natural detox time. THC attaches to your body’s fat cells, which makes the process for THC detox take a little longer than other drugs. While detox pills for drug test are not a magical fix, they can help you clean your body system of toxic substances.

A THC drug detox works by:

  • boosting your metabolism
  • reducing body fat
  • cleaning your blood
  • regulating your kidney and liver function
  • improving your toxin excretion
  • strengthening your immune system

The pill form of detoxing changes your body from the inside. To make the detox even more effective, you can pair your pill regimen with topical assistance such as detox shampoos, gums, and mouthwashes.

Remember that there is a difference between nutritional supplements and detox supplements. Be sure to read the product label before purchasing.

How to Use Detox Pills to Remove THC

When you are faced with a urine test, the best way to make sure your detox pills work is to follow the directions. Try to couple your detox pills with:

  • drinking a lot of water to flush your kidneys
  • eating healthy foods
  • abstaining from intense exercise
  • remaining clean from drugs to help your body eliminate toxins

While you go through the natural detox process, you will probably have to use the bathroom a lot. That is your body’s way of getting clean, so don’t panic.

The Best Detox Pills for Drug Test Reviews

To choose the best detox pills for drug test, consider how much time you have. Some pills advertise cleansing times ranging from a same-day to a ten-day-long process. Below, we’ve listed some of the best and worst detox pills for THC you can find to clean out your system.

1.   Toxin Rid 10-Day Detox Pills

toxin rid 10 day pillsToxin Rid is ideal for heavy THC users and anyone with a higher body mass index. The company has multiple cleansing courses, but the best one is the 10-day full body detox. The complete Toxin Rid kit contains:

  • pre-rid tablets
  • a liquid detox drink
  • dietary fiber

This three-part system will get rid of unwanted toxins in your blood, urine, and saliva to help you pass any drug test. The 10-day program works even for heavy users, and the best part is that the ingredients are all-natural. Toxin Rid only uses minerals, herbs, and vitamins to help you with extreme toxin exposure.

If you consume high levels of THC, this may be the best drug detox option for you. You can use it to rid your body of any toxins, not just weed. However, the process may take longer if you consume concentrated toxins in edibles, vape pens, or waxes.

The capsules and detox liquid contain magnesium, chloride, and potassium. These electrolytes make up for the ones you lose when you pee. The fiber mix helps you get your body clean through bowel movements. Be sure to use the detox drink on the last day, per the product instructions.

2.   Toxin Rid 5 Day Detox Pills

toxin 5 day detoxToxin Rid also has a five-day course if you don’t have time to do a full ten days. Like the other course, this one has only natural ingredients to aid your body’s natural detox process. This kit also comes with the pre-rid capsules, a detox drink, and a fiber supplement. It differs from the previous course in that you have to take more pills each day before your drug test.

During the course, you need to take 15 pills each day for five days. Drink the detox drink on your last day before your final five capsules, and then take the fiber before any drug tests. When you order on the Toxin Rid website, you can add a free home test and a flush drink to your order.

The five-day drug detox is meant for moderate THC users. If you aren’t sure about where your consumption habits fall, you may want to opt for more days to make sure your urine is clean. The Toxin Rid process starts working to get rid of the presence of drugs in as little as one hour.

3.   Rescue 5 Day Detox Cleanse

Rescue knows that drug tests are a normal part of life, and this cleanse involves more than simply taking a detox pill daily. The Rescue 5 Day Detox consists of a blend of herbs to give you a natural, herbal clean. In this process, you get three formulas:

  • the morning formula
  • the head start formula
  • the evening formula

The detox process is simple. First, you take four of the head start pills with water before you go to sleep. The next morning, you take six morning pills before you eat. When you finish the five days, you can take the eight ICE capsules on the morning of your drug test.

Be sure to follow the instructions for this herbal clean and watch your diet and new drug intake. You want to follow a diet rich in fiber, vegetables, and whole grains. This cleanse is best for light smokers who may not need a total body detox. If you stop using THC altogether, you will have a permanent natural detox.

4.   Stat Flush Detox Pills

stat flush thc supplementIf you are under pressure to pass a urine drug test fast, you may want to give Stat a try. These are some of the best detox pills if you don’t have time to go through a multi-day regimen. The key is to follow the instructions and make sure you use them correctly. The bottle comes with five to 35 capsules so you can do one to seven cleanses.

The pills deliver natural herbs to your body, and you need to take them with lots of water. The purpose is to make your liver and kidneys work overtime to remove toxins. In one day, Stat Flush masks the metabolites, making them undetectable. After a while, however, the effects of the pills wear off.

The Stat Flush process requires you to avoid caffeine for 72 hours to get the best results. The formula includes plant extracts and vitamins such as:

  • Cinnamon bark
  • Dandelion root
  • Uva ursi leaf
  • Grape skin
  • Barberry root
  • Tumeric root

You want to use these pills at least two days before your drug test. Some reviewers say they needed to use more than five pills to pass a home test. For the best results, you can pair these pills with detox drinks and get rid of traces of THC, cocaine, heroin, or LSD.

5.   Herbal Pre-Cleanse

a bottle of stinger detoxThe Herbal Pre-Cleanse formula by Clear Choice are the best detox pills to pair with detox drinks for your drug test. You get 60 pills in one bottle, which is enough to last you a month when you take two a day. This process is not a fast-acting detox regimen, but it will bring your toxin levels down.

The best use for this detox pill is as a daily regimen for keeping your toxin levels low, even if you continue to introduce new ones. The process reduces your body’s natural cleansing time by 20%. For drug tests, you’ll want to pair these supplements with another detox pill or drink. Frequent users can take these every day to make the cleansing process easier.

Where to Buy Detox Pills Near Me

You can find pills for a full body detox at most pharmacies or big stores in your area. Try looking for detox pills for drug test Walmart or detox pills for drug test GNC. If you don’t have access to those stores, try CVS or Walgreens. When you buy pills specifically for a drug test, you don’t want to buy just any option.

You may be able to find products to conduct an herbal clean and get rid of toxins at many drugstores. Some stores will have their own brands of pills, but it’s hard to guarantee their quality. Make sure you get pills that will work as quickly as you need them to, and look out for false promises.

The best detox pills for drug tests tend to come from online retailers. These shops give you discretion, and you can get fast shipping to get them in time for your drug test. It is best to order a detox pill regimen directly from the manufacturer for quality assurance.

THC Detox Pills That Don’t Work

There are a lot of drug detox pills on the market that claim to rid your body of toxins for drug tests. You should do your research and read reviews before you spend money on any pills that claim to do an herbal clean. Some bad products will not only not work, but they can give you a positive drug test result.

Least Effective THC Detox Pills in the Market:

1. Stinger 7 Day Detox Pills

a bottle of stinger detox

The Stinger product comes with 14 capsules that you need to take over seven days. It claims to provide a whole-body detoxification process with all-natural ingredients, which include:

  • Ginger root
  • Red clover
  • Saw palmetto
  • Burdock root
  • Creatine monohydrate

The process should take one week and result in a permanent detox to allow you to pass urine drug tests. However, many customers have been unsatisfied with the results of the Stinger pills. Some customers have reported no change in their THC levels, while others said it took almost a month to see any results.

The Stinger Detox brand has a few other products that may be more successful, including multiple detox drinks. If you have had mild drug exposure, you can see results from the liquids in one to five hours. Those products may be a better bet for your urine test than the detox pill course.

2.  Champ Flush Out Detox Pills

flush out detoxChamp Flush Out comes in both pill and liquid form, and they claim to be effective against drug metabolites. People have relied on Champ Flush Out for passing a drug test for years, as the brand has been around for a long time. Both the capsules and drink have the same formula, which includes:

  • Riboflavin – helps add a yellow color to diluted urine
  • Milk thistle – works to detox your liver
  • Guarana extract – a source of caffeine that enhances urination
  • Creatine monohydrate – brings up your levels of creatinine to make up for those lost in the detox process

The directions require you to stop smoking for at least 48 hours before your drug test, then consume the capsules or beverage with water. While some reviewers claim the product works, many consider it to be a scam.

The pills are supposed to mimic the ingredients of natural urine, but the formula does not have everything found in pee. It is possible that testers will be able to flag your sample and know that you attempted to flush your system.

3.  USB Detox Pills

usb detox pills all in oneThe USB detox pill kit by Purity Labs comes with 10 capsules, and Purity Labs advertises it as a full body cleanse. After you go through the process, your body should be free of toxins in one hour. The results should last for up to 12 hours.

The reviews for this product are mixed, and it seems to be the pill form of a detox drink. The USB process dilutes your urine when you drink a lot of water and go to the bathroom often. It may clean your urine temporarily, but it is not a sure bet for a saliva or blood test.

4.  Potable Aqua Tablets

potable aquaWhen it comes to finding the best detox pills for passing drug tests, you will find a lot of misinformation online. One of the rumors with no scientific basis is that Potable Aqua Tablets will purify your pee for a urine test. These claims have no scientific basis, and attempting this process could get you into trouble.

The purpose of the Potable Aqua Tablets is to purify contaminated water for hiking, traveling, emergencies, and camping. The pills guard against bacteria, and they improve the color and taste of questionable water. People all over the world use these pills, as they also work against Giardia lamblia.

There are two rumors about how this product can help you test clean:

  1. Drink purified water. Some people think that if you purify water with PA tablets and drink it, it will purify your urine. Unfortunately, there is no proof that this method works.
  2. Dissolve a pill in your urine. Others suggest that you can skip a detox program and simply dissolve a pill into your urine after you use the bathroom. This method doesn’t do much for drug testing, as diluted urine will cause you to still fail the test.


Do Detox Pills Work for Drug Tests?

For the elimination of toxins, high-quality detox pills work when taken correctly. There are many types available, so the key is to find the right process for your body type and exposure level.

Even the best detox pill will work better when you take precautions to enhance the effects of the process. In addition to taking the detox regime, you also want to:

  • eat a balanced, low-fat diet
  • get plenty of sleep
  • avoid things that cause you stress.

What Is the Best Pill to Pass a Drug Test?

We think the top detox process for passing a drug test is Toxin Rid’s 10-day program. Toxin Rid has a range of options that can help you with almost any kind of test. The best part about Toxin Rid is that the kit is more than pills – it’s an entire process for cleaning your system thoroughly.

When you search for a detox product, remember that the best options will speed up your natural detoxification process. Ideally, you want a product that will do more than just mask the presence of drugs.

Interested in more details? Read our toxin rid review.

Do Flush Pills Work for Drug Tests?

Flush pills and drinks will most likely be temporary solutions. Some of them may only work within a specific period of time, so pay attention to the manufacturer’s suggested timeline for taking them. The best way to ensure that you can pass a drug test is to stop consuming THC as quickly as possible, drink lots of water, and pair your flush pills with other detox methods.

You should also be aware that these products are often not regulated. For this reason, read reviews and suggestions before putting anything into your body. Finally, flush pills most often work better for light THC users than for heavy users.

How Do You Detox Your Body for a Drug Test?

There are a few different types of products out there to help you detox your body. These products include:

  • Drinks alone will not get THC out of your body, but they do lower the amounts present in your urine. Their effectiveness depends on the frequency of your marijuana use, stress levels, hydration levels, and body type.
  • When taken as a dietary supplement, pills can work in preparation for a drug test. They often have vitamins, herbs, and minerals that aid your body in its natural detoxification process. These work best when you give them enough time.
  • Kits come with different supplements to give you a super cleanse. With a kit, you may be able to cleanse your body in five hours to one week.

Can Lab Drug Tests Detect Detox?

Your bodily waste removes most of the toxins in your system. For this reason, efficient detox solutions increase urination and digestion. Frequent urination is the quickest way to prepare to be drug tested, so try to pee at least twice before your test. Since most detox plans use natural ingredients, labs do not detect them.

The only roadblock is that most labs will flag a diluted urine sample. They measure this by the concentration of creatine and creatinine. The normal range for creatinine levels is 0.5 to 1.2 mg/dl. Drinking lots of liquids causes your levels to fall below normal.

To avoid dilution, use only the highest quality options you can find. The most successful regimens mimic natural pee, and some contain creatine or creatinine to return your levels to normal.

Can Detox Pills Help You Pass a Hair Test?

Marijuana stays in your hair longer than anywhere else. While THC can stay in your urine, spit, and blood for up to 30 days for heavy users, it can stay in your hair for up to 90 days.

Unfortunately, you cannot use the pill method for a hair exam. Instead, you may want to try a hair detox shampoo or dedicated hair cleansing method.

How Long Do Detox Pills Take to Work?

The time it takes for a detox pill to work depends on several factors, including your level of drug use. If you are a light user, you may be able to do a three-day cleanse with the help of detox drinks. If not, you may need at least a week or two to see results. When in doubt, you can purchase a home drug detector before your real exam.

Do Cranberry Pills Detox Your System?

Cranberry rids your body of harmful toxins and prevents urinary tract infections. It removes free radicals so effectively that people often try to use it to drug detox. However, cranberry is not potent enough to clear your system of drug toxins.

Are There Medical Detox Options?

If you want help decreasing your THC dependency, you can go through an inpatient medical detox program to help you recover from addictive substances. This is one of the most effective and safest ways to not only cleanse your system but learn to avoid drug use altogether.

A medically-assisted detox can provide you with:

  • a safe environment
  • treatment to reduce discomfort and withdrawal symptoms
  • individual or group therapy to get to the root of your drug use
  • healthy meals and recommendations for restoring your body’s natural balance.

These programs will help you stay drug-free for longer so that you don’t have to panic every time someone faces you with drug testing. However, as THC use becomes legal in more places, drug testing for weed may become obsolete.


Employers use drug tests to screen job applicants, particularly in specialized fields such as government agencies, law enforcement, and education. Additionally, some fields and programs use drug testing as part of anti-drug campaigning.

THC is one of the hardest compounds to clear out of your body. If you can, you should find out how and when you will be tested in advance so that you can plan accordingly. Detection windows can help you estimate how long drugs will stay in your system, but they are not precise time frames. Drugs can appear in your:

  • urine
  • hair
  • saliva
  • blood
  • nails
  • sweat

The more serious the position, the more effort they may put into your drug tests. What do they screen for? Companies often look for the five most popular illegal substances: THC, cocaine, opiates, PCP, and amphetamines. If you can, try to also avoid LSD, alcohol, and ecstasy.

If you do not use drugs frequently, you may be able to follow your own detox strategy if you have the time. Over some weeks or months, try to:

  • avoid drug use until your exam day
  • drink plenty of fluids, including detox drinks
  • take minerals and vitamins
  • exercise to sweat out toxins
  • eat lots of fiber

To minimize the risk of failing your drug testing, try one of the above products for a faster full body detox.