My Penomet Review: Quite Possibly the Best Penis Pump for You!

Fellas, let’s talk about dick.

penometUnless you actually do porn for a living, it’s quite likely that at some point in your life, you might have been worried about the size of your penis. 

I know I have. I’m a grown man and I still think about the size of my junk every now and then. Sure, I can get with the ladies, and I know there’s nothing really wrong in the penile department, but I’ve sometimes thought, “wouldn’t it be cool if I were packing just a little bit more heat with my meat?” 

We’ve been told that “size doesn’t matter” and “it’s the way you use it that counts”, but who are we kidding? Size does matter. I mean a couple of extra inches sure wouldn’t hurt, right? Of course, proficiency in sausage usage certainly counts as well – but wouldn’t you feel a lot better knowing you have a long enough schlong and also have the mad skills to bring all the proverbial girls to the yard?

It’s this particular train of thought that set me off on my quest to find the perfect penis pump! Penis pumps have been around for decades, and the tech pretty impressive. But I didn’t want just any penis pump, I wanted the best penis pump on the market!

A few quick Google searches and quite a bit of discreet research later, I decided to go for the Penomet penis pump. Here’s my quick review:

A Quick Review: The Penomet Penis Pump

Ease of use: 4 out of 5

Build quality: 4 out of 5

Results 5 out of 5

Customer support 5 out of 5

Price 4 out of 5

As the very first penis pump I’ve tried, I’d say I’m rather pleased with the results. But, how does it stack against other penis pumps? I’d say Penomet has set quite a high bar enough as it is, and I’ll be surprised to find something just as easy or as simple to use while still delivering results. My research tends to back that up too! People are saying the Penomet is pretty much unrivaled in terms of ease of use, and efficiency.

Is it safe? Well, my dick is certainly in good shape! The results so far, are awesome, and it’s really damn hard to injure yourself with this thing! The Penomet package you get comes with a little exercise manual with instructions to help you out, and if you follow those you’ll have absolutely no safety issues whatsoever.

If I had to recommend this to a friend, I’d say give this baby a go! It worked for me. It just might work for you as well. 

About the Penomet Penis Pump

penomet premium vacuum pumpIt’s quite a bold claim to say you have “a truly revolutionary product”, but this is exactly what the Penomet Penis Pump is all about.

It is designed to give your pecker an increase in both girth and length and does so with its signature water-assisted pump system. Through the use of its innovative and interchangeable Gaiter System, you can gradually increase the pressure used to enlarge your one-eyed sarge.

The water pump-and-gaiter system combo is what gives your willy that extra edge over other penis pumps. With daily use, you’ll get a beautifully engorged man-sausage, with gains of an inch or so in length, and about 20-30% additional thickness.

The special instructional booklet shows you exactly how to use your Penomet Penis Pump. With weeks (and months) of regular use, you’ll get some permanent gains, as well as a number of other side benefits:

  • A boost in self-confidence 
  • Harder dick during sex (seriously it’s like an iron pipe)
  • Increase in sexual stamina
  • Reverse the effects of Peyronie’s Disease

How Does the Penomet Penis Pump Work?

A bit of an anatomy lesson here. First off, your penis is mostly spongy tissue. During an erection, blood rushes in and fills up this tissue, expanding the size of your member up to the point where it’s basically just throbbing with blood, meaning the vessels and the spongy tissue are pretty much filled up to capacity.

The Penomet Penis Pump works to enlarge your dick naturally by further expanding the size of the vessels in your spongy tissues. Larger vessels mean a larger capacity and therefore allowing for just a little bit more extra length and girth.

Through the Penomet’s water pump, a uniform vacuum is in effect, decreasing the pressure inside the cylinder, and forcing the blood to fill your otherwise flaccid penis. 

The Penomet premium package comes with interchangeable pressure gaiters allowing you to switch things up, with either more or less pressure. The water pump is what keeps the device a lot safer than regular air-based counterparts, so the Penomet also gets high marks for safety, comfort, and durability.

Would I Recommend the Penomet Penis Pump to My Friends?

Absolutely! The Penomet Penis Pump works for me, and if for some reason a friend of mine comes up to me and opens up about misgivings about his own little thing, then, by all means, I’ll tell him all about the Penomet.

But hey, don’t take my word for it. Amazing as it is, you might feel better if you’ve had a quick review from other Penomet users:what customers are saying about penomet

“I wasn’t happy with the size of my penis and I didn’t feel like I was satisfying my wife enough. After extensive research on websites and forums, I decided to purchase the Penomet Premium. I love the interchangeable gaiters, they give my workouts variety and I can choose the level of pressure that I want. The feeling of expansion that I get when pumping is great, I literally feel myself growing. When I finish a session look like a different person. The first time I had sex straight after using the Penomet was amazing. I actually thought I entered the wrong hole and my wife begged me for more after I finished (this had never happened before). I have only been using the Penomet for a short time but I am happy with the results so far, even if they are temporary at the moment. I know it will take time but bring on the permanent results.”

— Paul from Japan


“Yes, I love my Penomet! I suffered from self-esteem since my teenage years, yet still got married with this problem. When my Penomet had arrived I experienced rapid growth, about two inches in a few weeks. Now I feel confident knowing that my wife has something larger to catch in her hands. Despite the fact that I do not have a regular routine, my results were very satisfactory. My wife already feels the difference when I regularly use the device and I recommend everyone who wants to change the sex life and start getting compliments. Get yours as soon as you can!”

— Marcelo from Brazil


“I need to keep this short and sweet because I truly believe that’s the only way anybody can accurately describe this… this… I (don’t mean) to sound cliche, but this life-changing product. I originally purchased this to surprise my girlfriend. Much to her dismay, I’ve found myself enjoying my time with ME almost as much as my time with HER. Take my word for it. If you use this even somewhat frequently, the results will blow (both of you) away.”

— Kemlan from the United States

You can have a look at more testimonials from other guys like me and you from all over the world happy with their Penomet Penis Pump.

Where Can I Get A Penomet Penis Pump?

I got my Penomet online. You can go ahead and choose one of three packages:

  • Penomet Standard $169  $127

Comes with the version 3.0 Penomet Pump, a Force 70 gaiter, a digital exercise guide handbook, and a printed instructional booklet

  • Penomet Extra $288  $197
    This comes with the stuff in the Standard package, plus the Force 65 and 75 gaiters.
  • Penomet Premium $457  $297
    This comes with the stuff in the Extra package, plus the Extreme Force 80 gaiters, and a shower strap.


I got the Premium package, but I have yet to really give the other gaiters a more thorough use. The shower strap does come in handy, however.

All packages come with a 60-day money-back guarantee, discreet shipping and billing, and a 3-year warranty.

FAQ’s: Frequently Asked Questions

I know you have a boat-load of questions when it comes to penis pumps. (Look, man. I did too!) So go right ahead and lay it on me!

Q: Does it hurt to use the Penomet Penis Pump?

A: Right off the bat, I’d say no. As long as you use your pump correctly, it shouldn’t hurt at all. For safety purposes, however, just don’t wear or use your pump for more than 30 minutes at a time. Take breaks, man. Also, your dick should always be flaccid when you put the device on. 

Q: Are there any side effects associated with using the Penomet Penis Pump?

A: Generally, no. The risks associated with the use of penis pumps are relatively low. Still, I gotta point out that we’re all built differently, and while most users of pumps like these report no side effects, if for some reason you observe redness, irritation, discomfort, or pain, stop using the device immediately and see your doctor as soon as possible. Contact customer service as well to report your observations. 

Q: The Penomet: Is it a penis pump or a penis extender? 

A: Definitely a penis pump. Generally, the Penomet uses a suction action to draw blood into your penis, resulting in a temporary increase in length, girth, and sensitivity. With regular use, you’ll gradually grow your dick. 

A penis extender, on the other hand, uses long-term traction to encourage cell division, also subsequently encouraging growth in this manner.

Q: How long should I use the Penomet for each day?

A: The scientists at Penomet suggest an initial one session of 15-30 minutes per day, then gradually increasing the number of daily sessions if you so wish. Again, remember to take adequate breaks in between sessions!

Q: How often do I have to use my Penomet penis pump to see results?

A: Most dudes can expect an additional 1-3 inches in length, as well as a 20-30% increase in girth, usually in the span of 6-12 months. Personally I used it for about 2 months and noticed that my dick was an inch longer and significantly thicker—so your mileage may vary! You can notice temporary gains after each use; these can last an hour or two. With regular usage, you can see permanent results even as early as one month. 

Q: How often do I have to clean my penis pump?

A: Every time you use it, man. It’s just more sanitary that way. Look, the components are certainly built to last, but over time, you can have a build-up of dead skin cells, sweat, debris, and even bacteria (they just love that stuff!), so make it a habit to clean your Penomet after each use with water-based cleaning solutions such as a hypoallergenic, antibacterial soap with warm water.

Final Words on Penomet Penis Pump

As a first-time penis pump user, I’ve had a generally positive experience with the Penomet Penis Pump overall.

It’s safe, easy-to-use, and more importantly, it has delivered results. Reviews online have also been mostly positive, which is what convinced me to get one in the first place.

After using the Penomet, I feel hard-pressed to find a comparable product in terms of efficacy and safety. Without a doubt, a lot of thought and effort was put into the design and implementation of all the features on the Penomet Penis Pump, and I have to say that it has made a believer out of me. 

Big props to the penis enlargement scientists over at Penomet for an outstanding product!