Male Extra Reviews: The Extra Way for a Better Sex Life

Last week, in our VigRx Plus review, we explored how VigRX Plus is a good male enhancement pill that can give you a noticeable difference every time you have sex. In this week’s guide we’re going to review Male Extra!

How important do you think sexual satisfaction is to your quality of life? If you think it’s very important, you’re not alone. Over 60% of men in America and a little under 50% of women rate sexual satisfaction as a good indicator of their general well-being, so it’s clear that sex – especially good sex – matters a lot.

But sexual satisfaction isn’t the same across the board. Some people have a much more difficult time satisfying their partners. And while yes, technique plays a role, most of the time the things that hold back guys from satisfying their partner are things beyond their control.

So what does a man do in these situations? Well, one solution is male enhancement pills. Aside from giving you a better sex drive, they can also boost your stamina, increase your semen load, and even boost the size of your penis! Today, let’s look at Male Extra: one of the most hyped pills on the market. Does it live up to its reputation?

How Male Enhancement Pills Work

male extra reviewMale enhancement pills work in a variety of ways, but they generally achieve three things:

  • Increases your sexual drive
  • Grows your penis size
  • Provides you with more energy and stamina

If your pill doesn’t do these three things, then it doesn’t work as a male enhancement product. Since those three things are also the biggest factors in deciding how your sexual experience goes, a pill that drops the ball on even ONE isn’t worth your time or money.

Male enhancement pills use a carefully selected list of ingredients that can alter your body’s state. They can help your body pump blood faster, increase your production of testosterone, and even change the amount of semen that you produce. Unlike other male enhancement devices, the changes that pills have on your are all inside, so you don’t have to do anything fancy like wear an extender or rub some lotion on to your dick.

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Who Can Take Male Enhancement Pills?

Here’s the beauty of this stuff: almost ANYONE can take male enhancement pills. Whether you’re a young guy trying to increase his luck with the ladies, an old-timer looking to rekindle some spark in the bedroom.

Just remember to ALWAYS consult your doctor before taking them. While they can work for almost everyone, it’s better to be on the safe side and take them WITH medical approval than without. You’re trying to have a better time in bed, not land in one inside a hospital.

What Makes Male Extra So Different?

So now we’ve gotten the basics out of the way, let’s talk about Male Extra. What does it do differently from other brands, and why would we recommend it to men?

Let’s start with the ingredients list. What’s inside Male Extra?


This is the key active ingredient that makes Male Extra work so well. L-Arginine is an essential amino acid that our bodies need to make protein, but that isn’t its only function. It also boosts our body’s production of nitric oxide, which helps dilate our blood vessels so they can pump blood easier. And since penises rely on blood vessels to swell, this means bigger and harder erections.

Ellagic Acid

If you ever wondered why stuff like pomegranate boosts sexual health, that’s all thanks to this antioxidant. Found in most fruits and plenty of vegetables, ellagic acid is one micronutrient responsible for removing toxins in your body – including the ones produced by fatigue. This gives you more energy and stamina to keep going in bed.


We all know that zinc plays a huge part in making sure that our body can fight off viruses and bacteria, but did you know it also helps kick-start testosterone production? More testosterone means a higher sex drive, which can do wonders for your libido and erections. With enough zinc in the body, you’ll always be ready to go whenever you want to be.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

A proven anti-inflammatory compound, MSM helps your body cope with physical stresses and shocks. In this case, it’s effective at reducing your recovery time between climaxes, allowing you to get back in there only after a few minutes of rest. If you’re shooting for marathon lovemaking, you’ll need a LOT of this in your system.

Aside from being proven ingredients that can help with male libido and penile health, these ingredients are also all-natural. Male Extra is one of the few male enhancement pills out there that has an organic-based formula – nothing synthetic or lab-created here! This makes it better at:

  • Being absorbed by the bloodstream, since it’s made of natural compounds
  • Lessening the strain brought by the changes of taking male enhancement pills
  • Decreasing the chance of developing side effects unlike most synthetic formulas
  • Staying in your system for longer, since your body can process it faster

So if you want something that can help improve your performance in the bedroom while not wrecking the rest of your body, Male Extra is your best male enlargement pill on the market.

The Male Extra Experience

Plenty of satisfied men around the country have given Male Extra stellar ratings, saying that taking the pills has allowed them to achieve a new level of sexual confidence that they never thought possible. Here’s everything Male Extra can do for you:

Longer, Harder Erections

You can’t get it going if you’re pushing a softie in the sack. Male Extra can provide your penis with improved blood flow and dilated blood vessels, giving you longer-lasting and firmer hardons. Going limp will be a thing of the past once you take these pills – that’s a promise.

Increased Libido

Unlike what most media has led you to believe, guys aren’t perpetual horndogs. And sometimes that means that even if your partner’s in the mood, your body can drop the ball and just make you nope out of sex altogether. But with Male Extra, the increased testosterone in your body can make sure you’re always hot and ready whenever you’re about to get some action!

Treat Erectile Dysfunction

ED is a common condition that affects more men than you might think. Whether it’s because of genetics, health reasons, or psychological issues, erectile dysfunction can be a huge downer on getting things going in the bedroom. But since the active ingredients of Male Extra inhibit the chemicals that cause this state in your brain, you’ll find that you’re ready to go when you WANT to be, all the time.

Increase Penis Size

Dick size matters. Not all of us are running around with porn-worthy dicks, and there ARE times when our partner can appreciate that we have a LOT to give them. Male Extra helps with this by increasing the blood-carrying capacity of our penile blood vessels, giving you more girth and length.

Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Finally, Male Extra can help you holster your climax for a little longer if you’re prone to being a quick shot. Its formula inhibits histamine production – something that your body uses to gauge when it climaxes. The less histamine in your body, the more your body can hold out for that all-important climax.

Overall, think of Male Extra as a superior version of Viagra – not only does it give you a bigger tool, but it gives you the drive needed for you to use it all the way!

Male Extra Male Enlargement Pills

How Long Before I See Results?

With proper and consistent doses of Male Extra, most guys report seeing results in as little as two weeks. That’s at least two times faster than other male enhancement pills on the market right now! Since it’s an all-natural formula, your body adapts to the ingredients faster, making them work much faster the more you take of it.

Most users report peak results two months after taking their first dose. So while you might think two to three weeks might be enough to get your money’s worth out of Male Extra, stick around a while. You’ll find that these little pills have A LOT to offer when you stick with them.

How Permanent Are the Results?

Here’s where things get a bit tricky. While Male Extra is great at providing all the support you need to have a rocking sex life, you can only enjoy the effects as long as you take the pills. Since the ingredients are organic, they don’t linger around your body the same way that synthetic substances do. It might sound like an unfair trade, but remember that this ALSO means you won’t be suffering a lot of side effects by taking Male Extra.

Where Can I Get It?

Male Extra is available at the manufacturer’s official website. We highly encourage you to only buy from there as you’ll get a much better deal, avoid expensive third party premiums, and have 100% confidence that you’re getting the real product and not some ripoff.

You also get a lot of cool perks if you become a regular customer! Discounts for buying in bulk, flash purchases, discreet shipping, and an amazing customer support system are all things a Male Extra user can expect once they’ve started on their pills.

Other Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind

So you’ve got your box and started on your first dose. Is there anything else that you can do to improve your Male Extra experience? There are a few extra steps you can take to push your results from “okay” to “spectacular”:

It’s all in the manual. We can’t stress this enough – read, read, READ the instructions on your box as you’re going through them. This isn’t a one-pill miracle product like Viagra or Cialis. It’s a supplement you’ll have to keep on taking to get the best results. Always take the dose as advised and don’t get creative with how you take it. Your results will come in time.

Exercise. We don’t mean becoming a gym freak (though that can help), but to consult the Penis Health exercises that come free with every box of Male Extra. They’re designed penile exercises that can help your dick adjust to the changes in regular doses of the pills. Think of it as going to the gym but only for your penis: the more you go, the better it’ll be.

Watch what you eat. While Male Extra does its part in giving you that much-needed energy to keep going during sex, your body’s own internal energy reserves can be a huge help. If you’re serious about ramping up your performance in the bedroom, start looking at food that can enhance your sexual performance. Chances are, a lot of them work well with the ingredients already inside Male Extra.

Practice, practice. So Male Extra’s given you the dick and the energy to use it. So use it! Don’t just lie there and let your partner do all the work. With all the extra drive that Male Extra can give you, it’ll be useless if you don’t end up spending that energy in improving stuff like your technique. You already have all the tools you need – figure out how to use them!

Always remember that while Male Extra can do a lot of things, it CAN’T have sex for you. You need to do your part in making sure that your sexual experience becomes the best that it can be! It’s not a miracle product, but it will definitely make a big change in how you approach sex from now on.

Our Verdict

If you’re looking to bring your sexual satisfaction to never-before-felt levels, then Male Extra is can kick-start your nights from being good to become GREAT! They’re easy to take, provide your body with all the stuff it needs to keep going, and doesn’t give you any side effects. What else could a man want?

Just remember to be consistent with taking your pills and doing your part in improving your lovemaking. The results will surprise you, AND whoever you’re in bed with.