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How to Pass a Supervised Urine Drug Test While Being Watched

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The notification of an upcoming drug test makes the stomach of any drug user sink immediately. Whether you have advance notice that you’ll need to pass a urinalysis for a new job or become the victim of a random selection in your current workplace, the challenge is the same. You need a clean pee sample to show to your employer.

Whether you are an occasional user with unlucky timing or take illegal substances regularly, you can get through this without suffering any consequences.

We’ve thought of everything and put it all together in a complete guide for how to pass a supervised drug test. We’ll first explain what a supervised test involves. Then, we dive into the different options you have based on your timeline, levels of use, and gender.

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What is a supervised drug test?

Companies often favor supervised drug tests because they supposedly provide extra peace of mind that their employees are not faking their urinalysis screens. However, they require much more effort and expense from the testing facility and impose on your privacy as the individual completing the test.

There are two types of supervised drug tests. For a directly supervised test, someone stands in the bathroom with you and watches the urine enter the cup. A monitored test involves someone standing outside the stall door and taking the sample from you immediately after you finish.

Direct Observation

Having someone else watch you pee seems like a massive violation of your privacy. And, in most cases, direct observation for a urine test is illegal. Companies can only require you to perform a supervised drug test if your first test raised suspicions or a legal entity requires it.

When you go to a facility for unsupervised drug testing, they can require a second, directly observed sample if your first test doesn’t pass. Their suspicion might be raised if your pee is not between 90 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Similarly, if your deposit does not look, smell, or act like human urine, they will need a second drop. Finally, if they see a storage pouch around your waist or a liquid potentially used to dilute or alter the sample, they will ask you to go again.

A court of law or federal agency can require a directly supervised drug test. This legal intervention typically occurs if your last test was determined to be fake, altered, or positive for illegal substances. They can also require a second test if your previous pee was artificial or showed inconsistent results in a split sample.

When you perform a drug test under direct supervision, they will ask you to pull down your pants to your mid-thigh and lift your shirt up above your belly button. These actions demonstrate that you’re not hiding any samples on your body.

Then, they will watch the pee actually go into the cup. It is illegal for testing agencies to use mirrors or cameras to get a better view. An observer must be the same gender as the person giving the urine sample.


Testing companies can monitor your test without any suspicions or legal input. For these tests, they do not watch you, but, instead, the monitor stands directly outside of the stall. They listen for any abnormal sounds or suspicious activities.

You do not have to expose your body during a monitored test. However, any method you use to bring artificial urine must be discreet and quiet. Even though it’s easier to pass than a test with someone outside the door rather than standing right next to you, it’s still a challenge to complete a monitored test with synthetic pee successfully. The monitors have training that helps them know when you’re not supplying your own sample.

If the monitor hears or sees anything, they will require a second, directly observed test. The monitor must either be the same gender as the donor or a licensed medical professional. Because they don’t actually watch you use the bathroom, it’s not as necessary to have the same gender as with the directly supervised tests.

Now that you understand what it entails, keep reading to learn how to pass a supervised drug test successfully.

Use Sub Solution Synthetic Urine

Sub Solution Synthetic Urine KitIf you must use synthetic pee, choose a reputable brand like Clear Choice’s Sub Solution. When your career or livelihood is on the line, it’s not the time to select the cheapest option and cross your fingers that it passes the drug screening.

You want fake pee that looks and acts like real human urine. It should be the right color, have the same smell, and produce the appropriate foam on top. Any variations might arouse the suspicion of the testing facility.

The minerals included in the manufactured sample must also match a typical urine profile. Pee contains creatine, uric acid, urea, and a variety of minerals. Your deposit needs to include all of these and also be at the correct pH level.

When you use fake urine for a supervised test, you’re already taking a big enough risk. Choosing a reputable company with a high rate of passing will minimize your chances of getting caught as much as possible. Online reviews provide great insights and can help you work out which sources are reliable.

The most vital part of passing a test with fake urine is getting it to the correct temperature. A company that includes either a heat activator powder or a heating pad with its samples is more likely to achieve clean results. Microwaves and hand warmers can work but are much harder to control and perfect.

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Sub Solution is the best and most reliable synthetic urine on the market with over 99.99% success rate. It accurately replicates normal urine and comes with their patented heat activator formula.

Try a Detox Kit First

toxin rid detox pills kitThe best way to pass a supervised drug test is to pee clean. If you have the option of not using drugs for a few days or weeks to let the drugs leave your system, then that’s the best option. However, this is not always feasible for many reasons.

Detox kits can help speed up the process of getting traces of illegal substances out of your system. Most will flood your system with extra electrolytes, amino acids, and water to flush away the residual drugs. They speed up your metabolism to prevent anything unwanted from showing up during your drug test.

Every kit is different, so it’s critical to follow the directions closely. Whichever kit you choose, be sure to drink lots of water in the hours before your test. Be sure that you select an appropriate detox kit for your size and the substances that you want to eliminate from your body.

If you don’t have time to get the drugs out of your system or for a detox kit to work, scroll further to learn how to pass a supervised drug test with fake urine.

For Women Taking a Drug Test

The women reading this will be glad to hear that, when it comes to passing a supervised drug test with synthetic urine, women’s anatomy makes it much more manageable than it is for men.

For a supervised drug test, you must show your midriff and your upper thighs to the observer. That means you have to hide your sample either higher or lower than the observed area. You can also carry the clean urine inside of your body.

Some companies make containers for fake pee that slide into your vagina. When it comes time to create the sample, it won’t be visible to the observer as you show your body. Then you’ll sit down and slide the valve to begin the flow duplicitously.

If you don’t like the idea of carrying your sample vaginally, it is possible to place a waist belt around your chest. This method makes it much more tricky to use, but it is not impossible. After you reveal your bare torso and thighs, you can drop the tube down when you lower your shirt to cover your stomach.

This method is still very risky. Using the best fake urine is better for monitored or unsupervised tests. It needs to sound and look as if you’re urinating for a test that is monitored but not directly supervised. Women have many options for these tests.

The waist belt above keeps the sample warm using your body heat and is secure underneath your clothing. A carrying strap for your upper thigh works the same way. Because women sit down to pee, any option with a discrete tube will use gravity to make it look and sound more realistic.

For Men Taking a Drug Test

Male bodies require more creative methods to sneak fake piss into a sample cup during a supervised deposit. They don’t have the luxury of gravity to control the flow or hidden anatomy. When men pee, their penis is easy to see, and any tubes or attachments are noticeable.

Though much more challenging, a man can pass a supervised drug test using a synthetic urine sample. Advances in technology make prosthetic penises that help trick observers into thinking that you’re genuinely peeing into the cup.

monkey dong kit for menThe Monkey Dong and the Whizzinator Touch are two of the more common and realistic fake penises. As long as your observer isn’t looking too closely, which they are not legally allowed to do, these can pass as real. They come in multiple skin shades so that you can find one that matches your skin tone.

For monitored but unsupervised drug tests, you might be able to use a waist belt. However, it’s crucial to have a plan for using it that doesn’t arouse suspicion. The pee must look as if it is flowing out of your penis.

One of the biggest pitfalls for men passing drug tests using fake urine is the foam. Your sample of stored liquid must have bubbles at the top, like head on a beer. This foam comes from the pressure of the pee leaving your body and hitting the plastic cup.

Some people will shake their sample to try to make it foam. Others will try to put pressure on the storage pouch to make the stream more forceful. These methods often create too many bubbles, which bring extra attention from the drug testing facility. If you don’t plan for this in advance, you risk a “refusal to test” even if you execute everything flawlessly.

Practice Makes Perfect

Even if you have the highest quality synthetic pee paired with the best delivery mechanism on the market, you won’t succeed if you haven’t practiced how to pass a supervised drug test before you’re in the stall. It’s not easy to open containers without making noise or aim a rubber tube into a cup without your hands.

People often get caught after a mishap with their container. Most commonly, they spill liquid all over their pants and appear to have peed on themselves. How embarrassing!

We recommend using water for the first few times so that you don’t accidentally waste your valuable clean catch. With practice, you’ll be confident in your ability to aim and provide the fake sample without getting caught.