Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Reviews: Still On Their A-Game

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When your job is on the line, you don’t want to fail a drug test. But some drugs can stay for a long time in the body, especially marijuana; some detoxes just take too long! But there’s more than one way to skin a cat. A detox may take too long, but you can outfox that drug test another way. If they don’t see anything in your urine to object to, they’ll give you the pass you need. That’s why fake urine exists, and Clear Choice Sub Solution is the best one on the market these days. Read on to find out how good it is!

Why You Should Buy
Sub Solution
Sub Solution is the best and most reliable synthetic urine on the market with over 99.99% success rate. It accurately replicates normal urine and comes with their patented heat activator formula.

Sub Solution Overview

Let’s start with the basics in this sub solution synthetic urine review. Clear Choice Sub Solution is a powdered synthetic urine product. It’s intended to get you past a drug test by looking and testing out the same way as a sample of human urine would, and since it isn’t tainted by any drug toxins, it’ll get you the pass you need.

It’s manufactured by Clear Choice, which has been in the drug business for over twenty years, and they also have a few other products in the same range. Their other flagship product is Rescue Cleanse, one of the better detox drinks around. Sub Solution shows just why they’ve stayed in the business for twenty years.

Sub Solution’s main selling point is its thoroughness. With other fake pee brands, you have the usual assortment of qualities that real urine contains: pH level, specific gravity, presence of urea, uric acid, and creatinine. Sub Solution goes one step further: it’s got eleven chemical markers included that ensure it’ll get past any lab test, which is a lot more than most other fake pee brands include.

There’s also what it doesn’t have: biocide. Some labs have noted that certain fake urine brands use biocide preservatives, and thus look for them as well since natural urine doesn’t have any. Sub Solution stays ahead of the tests by also having no biocides, and so won’t be caught out by that route.

Clear Choice doesn’t just rest on their laurels, either; they also stay current by updating Sub Solution’s formula every year so that it doesn’t get caught out by the latest tests. It’s a constant race between lab equipment and urine formulas, and Clear Choice tries their best to stay ahead.

Sub Solution Synthetic Urine KitInstructions for Use

The box comes with the following items:

  • 3oz plastic bottle with temperature strip
  • Vial of Sub Solution powdered synthetic urine
  • Vial of heat activator powder

Using these three components is quite simple, as we can see.

  1. Fill the plastic bottle with warm water until you’re just under the cap. It doesn’t have to be all that hot, but warm is preferred to save you from using too much of the heat activator powder.
  2. Empty the vial into the bottle. Yes, all of it. Close the bottle cap, then shake gently until all the powdered urine has been mixed into the water.
  3. Tuck the bottle close to your body so that your body heat keeps it warm. Keep the vial of heat activator next to it for easy access. There’s a lot of ways to do that; you can do two layers of underwear and keep the bottle in between them, or strap it to your inner thigh. Remember, the lab can ask you to reveal what’s causing any weird bulges on your clothing, so make sure there aren’t any. Important: keep the temperature strip on the bottle away from your body. If it’s next to your body, it’ll pick up your temperature as well and give you a false reading.
  4. When you’re alone with the sample cup, check the temperature strip. You want a range of 94 to 100 F, and not any higher or lower. Note that the strip will not show a result if the temperature is below 88 F.
  5. If the temperature is too low, add heat activator powder. The rule is, if there’s no reading and temperature is below 88 F, add 1/3 of the vial. If the temperature is between 88 F to 92 F, add 1/4.
  6. Close and shake gently to dissolve the heat activator; this should take less than 20 seconds. Then check the temperature strip again to ensure it’s in the correct range.
  7. Pour the bottle into the sample cup, tuck it back the same place you hid it, then present your cup to the lab tech.

And congratulations, you’ve passed your drug test!

Additional Notes

The urine will hold for eight hours, so you can mix it before the test comes and add heat activator powder when necessary. It’s also best to keep the heat activator vial somewhere concealed. While the lab cannot by law subject you to a pat-down, they can still ask you to empty your pockets. Better to not give them anything to be concerned about.

A box of unmixed Sub Solution will only last for so long. The official word from Clear Choice is that each box ships with at least six months of shelf life on it. You can check that on the box, as an expiry date is printed on each box for your awareness. Remember, a drug test is far too chancy a thing to use expired material on, so don’t even think about using an expired box.

Performance Review

Only a few brands of synthetic urine are as good as Sub Solution. It’s got two main advantages over most of the competition: one, they don’t have the extra chemical markers that Sub Solution does. And two, they need a heating pad to stay warm, and this adds a little more volume to your bottle, while Sub Solution has its own heating powder.

It’s the heat activator powder that really does it. Most other synthetic urine brands rely on a heating pad to keep the urine warm, which not only adds bulk but also makes heat a chancy thing; some heat pads can be very unreliable. With Sub Solution, you can still save a too-cold sample even when you’re already in the lab.

Sub Solution has been around since 2003, and it’s been at the top of its game since. You can turn up review after review noting passed tests from that long because Clear Choice has never skimped on Sub Solution or its performance. They’ve never missed a step since it first came out.

Of course, you’ll find some of those reviews reporting a failed test even while using Sub Solution. There’s a very simple answer here: Temperature issues. This is almost entirely down to user error, submitting a sample that’s outside the standard range. Too extreme a temperature can have the lab tech rejecting your sample out of hand without even testing it. This is why it’s important to keep the temperature at the correct range.

Where it loses out is in price. Generally speaking, Sub Solution runs at about twice the price of Quick Fix. At that point, you have to ask: is the extra surety worth it? Sub Solution goes for twice the price of QF money but gets the work 99.9% done.

Why You Should Buy
Sub Solution
Sub Solution is the best and most reliable synthetic urine on the market with over 99.99% success rate. It accurately replicates normal urine and comes with their patented heat activator formula.


Clear Choice has been in the business for twenty years, and it’s easy to see why. They’re constantly ahead of their game, their formulation is great, and they even have a unique solution to the heat problem. The major downside is the price, but Sub Solution is the absolute ace

Do you really need to pay twice the price for the same results? If you want to be absolutely sure, then Sub Solution can do that for you, but there’s no need to spend twice as much.