Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse Review: Does It Really Work?

Have you ever been blind-sided by a surprise drug test? Let’s assume you’ve only got a week to prepare. What can you do on such short notice? At that point, your best bet is to start looking into a synthetic urine, or a fast acting detox drink like Rescue Cleanse.

Rescue cleanse is the go-to drink for stoners in need. This thing will give you a five-hour pass window for you to get tested. If you follow the instructions correctly you’ll be able to pass any test stress-free, and you’ll be able to keep hitting that bong on the weekends! 

Here’s my complete overview of Rescue Cleanser. 

Spoiler alert: I love it!

What Is Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse?

rescue cleanse drink packageRescue Cleanse is detox drink developed by Clear Choice, a huge player in the detox drink and synthetic urine game. This product gives you a 5-hour long grace period where you can pass any urine test with flying colors! It comes in a 17oz or the more popular 32oz, which I recommend because why risk having too little of their magic juice when your job is on the line.

Sounds Legit, But How Legit?

Hard as it is to believe, Clear Choice offers a 200% full refund if you don’t pass your drug test. They’ll actually give you back your money and then some! With a promise like that, I was excited to have this fail when I tried it on a home drug kit. But, to my wallet’s dismay, Rescue Cleanse passed again and again! It will have your back 100% of the time!

Detox Drinks Vs. Synthetic Urine

detox drink in glassIf you’ve been researching how to pass a drug test, you’ve probably heard of pissing contest between detox drinks and synthetic urine. 

Detox drinks are great in that they are completely legal to own and use as you see fit, so you don’t need to hide your use from the law. However, a big downside of detox drinks is that you’ll need to stop smoking for about 72 hours before your test. This might not seem like a long time for the average stoner, but if your a medical marijuana patient like I am, then it can be really uncomfortable! 

Synthetic urine on the other hand is a lot more flexible since you can even take the test high as a kite.  It’s also easy to use and gives more consistent results. The downside is it can be pretty risky if you don’t play your cards right. If your sample is too cold: YOU FAIL. If you spill it all over yourself: YOU FAIL. If you’re not careful, you could even find yourself facing jail time for fraud!

Pros and Cons

Here’s a quick rundown of all the pros and cons of Rescue Cleanse:


  • It comes from Clear Choice, a reliable and trusted brand that’s been selling anti-drug test products for over 26+ years.
  • There are tons of flavors to choose from like Watermelon, Cran-apple, Strawberry Mango.
  • If it fails, they will refund double the cost of Rescue Cleanse to you. It’s their 200% money-back guarantee.
  • Clear Cleanse stays fresh for up to two years after buying it.
  • It’s 100% legal to own.


  • Can leave you feeling bloated afterward.
  • You MUST avoid alcohol or any drug for 72 hours before you can use Rescue Cleanse.
  • You need to drink Rescue Cleanse on an empty stomach and only after your urinalysis test can you eat again.


Q: Oh, So I Just Need To Drink It And I’m Home Free?

Not so fast quick-chug McGraw, there are a few things you need to do before you drink Rescue Cleanse. The first thing is that you need to be drug and alcohol-free for 72 hours before taking Rescue Cleanse. Second, is you mustn’t eat anything for four hours before drinking it. Third, shake the shit out of the bottle and drink the 17oz/32oz bottle in 15 minutes. Not out of the woods yet, I recommend filling up the bottle with water and chug it down so you pee as much of the toxins out as you can!

Q: Can I Use This To Detox My Body To Get Rid Of A Bad Trip Or Hangover?

Despite what it says on the bottle about detoxing, it doesn’t REALLY get rid of the toxins for good but, flushes away the toxins in your bladder and urinary tract. After that, Rescue Cleanse replaces all it got rid of with the right amount of vitamins in a healthy urine sample. It works more like camouflage than having an invisibility cloak.

Q: Which Size Bottle Should I Get? 17oz or 32oz?

If you’re 200lbs and above, you’ll want the 32oz bottle and pair it with another 32oz of water right afterward. I know, I know, 64oz of fluids in 15 minutes, sounds like a bad time, but if you want to pass that test, then you’re gonna have to do it. What I like to do is imagine I’m in Fear Factor and Joe Rogan is cheering me on; saying things like: ‘Just drink and swallow’ and ‘it’s all in your head!’

Q: Three Days Without Weed Or Alcohol!? I Don’t Know If I Can Do That.

Don’t worry, there are fake urine alternatives to help you pass any standard drug test. For me, I recommend Quick Fix 6.2 as the go-to fake urine that offers the same success rate as Clear Cleanse but without the hassle of needing to drink 32oz in 15 minutes. Quick Fix guarantees you’ll pass any drug test using it – minus the struggle of drinking a ton of liquid. And as long as you sneak the bottle with you for the test, you’ll pass with ease.

Q: Where Can I Get A Bottle? Any Recommended Flavors?

I purchased my first bottle off of, you can get it on Amazon or other online stores but when I visited my local Walmart, they had a sale with an assorted bundle there. I suggest looking locally before you go online, unlike most anti-drug test products Clear Choice sells in a lot of big stores like Walmart.

Works as Advertised

Rescue Cleanse offers great results, but I find the three-days you need to be drug-free to be a big downside. It does work! But the fact you’re required to drink 64oz of liquids to flush your system really makes it an uncomfortable experience. For me, I think I’ll stick to using Clear Choice Sub Solution synthetic urine. It’s cheap, easy to set-up, and stands as one of the best products out there to pass any drug test.