Best Synthetic Urine Kit Reviews 2020: Top Four Choices for Urine Tests

There are a ton of synthetic urines on the market, and it can be a headache to figure out which ones work! After all, your job is riding on this, and if the lab sees that you gave them a bad sample, you’ll be in a world of trouble. 

So, what is the best synthetic urine? How do you distinguish a good brand from fancy, overpriced colored water? What works, and what doesn’t?

That’s why we’ve made this article. We’ve done our own tests and compiled user reviews to find out which brands can be trusted. You can discard all doubt, because we’ve chosen only the brands that can get you past your drug test without ever being noticed.

Read on to see what made our list!

Best Synthetic Urine Kit Reviews for 2020

Out of all the brands available on the market, we’ve narrowed down the list to these four. They’re the ones that have received the best reviews and a consistent record of success, and we even ran our own tests to be sure.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine: Best Synthetic Urine 2020

quick fix plus: best synthetic peeIf it’s synthetic urine you’re looking for, there really is nothing better than Quick Fix. It’s at the top of our list for several good reasons: it’s at a good price, it’s reasonably available online, and it’s got all the composition markers a fake urine needs to pass.

Quick Fix is a pre-mixed synthetic urine made by Spectrum Labs. Spectrum also makes urine testing equipment, and Quick Fix is the exact thing they use to calibrate their gear. From that alone, you can expect it’ll get you right past other labs’ equipment. It’s got all it needs to look real: correct specific gravity, correct pH level, and composition: creatinine, urea, uric acid. The uric acid is a fairly new addition to the formula since the labs hadn’t been checking for it previously; since they’re doing it now, it’s been added.

To stay ahead of the drug tests, Spectrum Labs keeps the Quick Fix formula updated, and it’s currently at Version 6.2. The testing labs know that some people will try to get one over on them, and so they make updates of their own. Never trust a synthetic urine that hasn’t been updated. There’s no such thing as a perfect formula because the labs are always evolving.

It’s got a shelf life of about two years, as long as you keep it out of direct sunlight and at room temperature, with the cap tightly sealed. However, every batch also has an expiry date, so make sure you check what’s printed on the box you get before you go and forget about it for two years. Expired synthetic urine is worse than useless – you will fail your test if you use it!

Quick Fix is at the top of our list not only because it’s got a comprehensive formula that’ll get you past the test, but also because it’s cheap. It’s the cheapest of these four options, and you just can’t get any better while also maintaining that price point. It’s that combination of excellent performance and value that earns Quick Fix the top spot on this list.

Sub Solution Premixed Synthetic Urine

clear choice synthetic urineIf you’ve looked into faking out drug tests, you may have run into Clear Choice previously. Their Rescue Cleanse is one of the top detox drinks available, and if in case a detox won’t do, they also offer Sub Solution.

Sub Solution is a powdered urine that’s second on our list, and it’s got that place for a very good reason. It’s just as good as Quick Fix, with its formula even going a lot farther than Quick Fix does to fool the testing equipment. In addition to the usual spotlight ingredients of creatinine, uric acid, and urea, it also has eleven chemical markers included in its formula. This lets Sub Solution get past many tests because it’s covered a lot more bases than they’re expecting. Just in case a test tries to look for something different and catch out a less thorough synthetic urine, Sub Solution has that.

It also has a unique heating system. Other brands of synthetic urine rely on heating pads to keep warm. Sub Solution uses a heat activator powder, letting you heat a sample on the spot. Taking a bottle of Sub Solution into the testing facility is thus a bit easier since there isn’t a heating pad to bulk it out and make it more noticeable.

The included plastic bottle makes it easy to mix; just dump the powdered urine into the bottle and fill with warm water. Not boiling water, as that can do bad things to the urine. Warm will do, mainly to save time for the heat activator powder to work.

In terms of shelf life, you’re in luck. Clear Choice makes sure to ship boxes that have at least six months of shelf life or more, so you can order in advance. Also, the precise expiry date is printed on the box, so check it to be sure of how long you have left. The urine itself will hold for eight hours, which is enough time for it to be used. Beyond that, it’s no longer effective and must be discarded.

Sub Solution’s main problem is that it’s expensive. 3oz of Sub Solution goes for twice the price of 3oz of Quick Fix, which can put a real hole in your budget. It’s definitely worth the price, since Sub Solution works so well (the only way to fail with Sub Solution is due to user error) but Quick Fix can get you just about the same results at half the price.

Price aside, in terms of sheer quality, you can’t beat Sub Solution. If cost isn’t an object to you, then try it out!

How to Deliver the Best Fake Urine

This depends largely on whether you’re facing an unsupervised drug test or a supervised one. Everything that works for the supervised tests will work for the unsupervised ones, though some may be overkill. It doesn’t work in reverse, however.

For unsupervised tests, you can simply use the typical plastic bottle that your fake urine comes in. You’ll of course need to conceal it, which you can do in several ways. Down your underwear and fixed to your inner thigh are good options, especially since the heat there will help keep the fake urine warm. Some shops also sell underwear with pouches specifically for this reason, or straps to keep a bottle fixed to your thigh. Or if you don’t feel like getting it special, a second layer of underwear will do fine.

For supervised tests, there’s no way that the bottle will work. Supervised means that a lab tech is watching you to make sure you’re providing a real sample, so you’re instantly busted once you pull out the bottle. Instead, you want a urinator device.

These come in several different forms, from the basic to the elaborate. All urinator devices are basically the same thing: a bag on an elastic belt that you wear under your clothing, with a tube leading out that you dispense the urine with. Some of them are just that. Some of them are the same, but refillable. And for men specifically, some have a fake penis on to ensure that they don’t suspect that you’re faking them out.

Whichever way you choose to bring your urine in, your concerns are the same in all cases. Maintain temperature: that’s what the temperature strip is for. Never put the temperature strip next to your own body, because it’ll give a false reading with your body getting in the way.

How to Avoid Bad Synthetic Urine

The flipside of ‘what to get’ is ‘what not to get’. We’ve listed the better brands specifically so that you can avoid the bad ones, which will not only waste your money but also give you a fail on the drug test.

So, what should you look out for as a sign to avoid?

The first thing to note is price. The ingredients that go into making a proper synthetic urine do not come cheap, so always be cautious of any brand that’s priced below average compared to the others. Anything being sold for lower than that price should be treated with extreme caution.

Also, note the packaging. This isn’t as big a red flag as the price, but compare the packaging for the four brands we chose and compare them to others. Some will look like flashy products more suited for a store catering to gym bros, others look like they were designed in the same garage they were cooked in. Don’t go for the flashy, overblown covers.

Don’t take your chances with any synthetic urine you don’t trust. Check their reviews; these are easy to find on a Google search these days, and there are lots of communities devoted to substance use and related matters, where you can easily find opinions on products. If a particular community doesn’t like a certain brand of fake urine, that may be for a good reason.


There are a lot of options on the market for synthetic urine, but a lot less in the way of good options. Fortunately, we’ve narrowed the selection down, so that you can pick only the ones that work for you. Why take chances when you can be sure? Choose any of the urine brands on our list, and you’ll pass your drug test with flying colors.

Of the four, our choice is Quick Fix. It’s got the right composition, it’s the cheapest of the four options, and you can get it in bulk if you need to. Since it’s made by Spectrum Labs, they know exactly what to put in it to get it right past testing equipment, not like lesser examples that are just fancy colored water. With Quick Fix, you won’t just pass your drug test, but you’ll save your wallet in doing so.

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