An Honest Bathmate Hydromax 7 Review: Results, Pros and Cons

2020's best penis pump hydromax7When I first heard about the Hydromax7 and the results it promised, I was a bit skeptical. I mean c’mon, so you’re telling me that you shove your dick into a water tube, and then it waterbends into a bigger dick? I thought this thing was a prank! But good lord… I have some atonement to do, because this thing surprised me in pretty much every single way.

How exactly, you might ask? Keep reading to find out how the Hydromax7 not only change my penis, but my sex life!

Using A Penis Pump… Isn’t That Bad?

You might have heard a lot of horror stories about using penis pumps. I certainly have, even when I was doing my research about them. But look a little closer and you’ll find out that penis pumps aren’t just a cure for insecure people ala Austin Powers, but a recognized medical tool that’s helped a lot of guys around the world.

See, there’s nothing wrong about using a penis pump. There are so many reasons why you’d want a bigger dick, but there aren’t a lot of products that can safely help you achieve it. Folk cures? Too weird. Strange medicines? Too risky. But a good-ol fashioned penis pump? Now that’s an idea that I can get behind.

The thing is, using a penis pump is a lot safer than getting pills or putting other weird stuff in your body. It’s not very different from exercising at the gym – just think of it as muscle training for your penis. And just like the people that go to the gym, giving your penis a workout can get it bigger and harder.

Would I Recommend The Hydromax7 To My Friends?

The tricky part with this question is that certain needs and preferences differ from guy to guy. You can’t just keep mentioning one brand and model over and over, but there really are best penis pumps out there that are so good that most guys are quite satisfied with the blanket recommendation.

With all that said, I’m actually quite confident in the Hydromax7. It’s something I’d recommend to anyone who wants a penis pump that delivers results every single time.

Does The Hydromax7 Have Side Effects?

hydromax7 series reviewAny sort of penis pump carries a certain risk – especially if you’re a beginner and just starting to use these devices on your own. That’s why you should always follow the instructions carefully, and stop using the pump if it’s starting to get painful.

My regular use so far has never given me the usual side effects of bruising, pain, and discoloration, but I’ve also made sure that I followed directions quite carefully. Thanks to the design of the Hydromax7, the results really do stick around and can even be permanent. The learning curve for this product isn’t high, but it’s definitely a new experience, especially if you’re used to more traditional penis pumps.

Hydromax7 Review: The Pros And Cons

If you’ve skipped everything I’ve said above and really want to know what the Hydromax7 is all about, well buckle-up, because here it is!

After a few months of regular use and with various sexual partners, I’ve been able to determine important features (both good and bad) of the Hydromax7 – take a look:


Materials are sturdy and feel expensive. This penis pump looks and feels like a lot of research, design, and capital was poured into its development. The materials are medical-grade, so I feel quite safe using it. You’re not looking at a Chinese ripoff or a budget buy.

Both beginners and pros can use it successfully. Since the system is a bit different from traditional pumps, both beginners and experts on using penis pumps can have the same experience. Just make sure to follow the instructions.

Results are semi-permanent to permanent. You don’t have to be dependent on the device forever. You can get the results you want pretty quick, and you can keep them longer with a minimal routine.

Checks all the boxes for penis length, girth, strength, and stamina. Some penis pumps are really good for only one or two areas. If you’re going to use a penis pump, why not use one that improves everything? I got additional centimeters on my cock in both length and girth while flaccid and erect.

Workout routine isn’t complicated. You can even choose between beginner, intermediate, and expert routines, so you can adjust to the style that best fits your lifestyle and preferences. You can also move your way up the routines as your penis adjusts to the workouts and learns to accept more blood during erection.

Recognizable results with long term effects. Thanks to the measuring gauge on every model, I can easily track my progress and see how I’m faring in both flaccid and erect length, girth, hardness, and stamina. As I’ve been using the Hydromax7 for some time, my recorded results are very satisfying, but I’ve seen that it varies for each person using the device. 

Ease of use in both water and open air. I really like that I can use this penis pump no matter what, whether I’m taking a shower or in the bath. I didn’t have to use a handball to get the suction I wanted, and only required two to three pumps per session to get the negative pressure for a hard erection.

Risk-free purchase. I was pretty confident when buying this model, since they offer a money-back guarantee. If for some reason the penis pump doesn’t deliver on its promise within a certain time frame, I could always send it back for a refund.


Takes a while for noticeable results. This isn’t a 15-minute miracle. I needed to work out regularly and learn to be patient as a larger penis and better stamina doesn’t happen overnight. With the right workout, the penis gets longer and wider, and getting used to Hydromax7 workout routine results in a longer-lasting erection.

Have to figure out storage and handling. Since the basic device doesn’t come with a discrete pouch or container, I had to figure out storage for taking it with me when traveling. I could shell out more for a branded case and pouch on their website, but I decided to find out own storage solution. 

How Does the Hydromax7 Work?

Traditional penis pumps use negative pressure created by air to encourage extra blood flow into the penis, allowing for a larger, longer erection. The Hydromax7, on the other hand, uses water pressure to create the same suction, letting more blood flow into the penis than it usually does without assistance.

To use the Hydromax7, I had to sit in the tub or get under a hot shower (there’s a reason the brand is called Bathmate). Once relaxed, I let the water fill in the pump and then fitted it over my cock, riding a little bit high, with my balls hanging out. The new safety padding that the latest Hydromax7 series has really helped to create a good, comfortable suction.

Then, I began to pump. It takes a few pumps to get to optimal suction, but once you’re there, the device only requires one pump every five minutes to maintain pressure. The process should take fifteen minutes total, and your erection should grow into the pump, and remain for some time after releasing the suction.

Video Showing How Hydromax Series Work

Tips and Tricks for Using the Hydromax7

I preferred the bath tub setup for using this particular pump, as relaxing before my workouts felt better overall, and I really think it contributed to how large and hard I got in the end. Besides, water helps with getting in and out of the device for maximum comfort.

I didn’t get impatient when waiting for results. For the Hydromax7, the reported increase in size is allegedly 5-7 centimeters, and I can attest to that, after a fair amount of usage and regular workouts. But users definitely have to wait and be patient. The Hydromax7 is a great penis pump (possibly one of the best I’ve tried), but it isn’t for immediate results.

Make sure that you get the Hydromax7 if you have an average penis size of 3.5 to 6 inches. If you have a smaller size, Bathmate has better-fitting penis pumps available on their website.

Where to Buy the Hydromax7

You can get the Hydromax7 from their official website and other online shops. I’d recommend going straight to the manufacturer for the best results – you don’t want any old tube to be clamping down on your dick. No third-party resellers either, since those guys charge a couple of extra bucks that you’re better off spending somewhere else.


If you measure between 3.5 inches to 6 inches and you’re looking for a safe and effective penis enlargement device then the Hydromax7 is a no-brainer buy. I recommend this device for both beginners and experts.