The Bathmate Hydro7 Review: Your One-Way Ticket to a Bigger Penis

hyrdo7 erectile dysfunction pumpThe idea of male enhancement apparatuses has always been such a daunting thing for me. It seems like a lot of weird and awkward fidgeting with some very sensitive ‘equipment’. But the idea of having a larger and more potent penis has always been somewhat of a dream for me. 

I tried the weird massages, ointments, and read all those embarrassing articles that say ‘DOCTORS HATE HIM’ blasted across the ad. None of them have really seemed to actually work until I stumbled upon a Reddit thread talking about the fabled penis pump.

The r/Bathmate was full of accommodating people who helped demystify the notions I had about the penis pump. After a few weeks of consideration, I decided to buy myself the Bathmate Hydro7; A product marketed towards newer pumpers (yes, they referred to themselves as pumpers) with easy and straight-forward instructions. All that was left was to try it out.

First Impressions

I’m not going to lie, the first thing I thought upon opening the box was ‘what the hell are you doin’ and I kind of chuckled with disbelief for a second before taking it out and seeing the actual product. To my surprise, it looked like a fairly simple and straightforward tool. Nothing too funny-looking about it (I ordered it in clear so I could keep a watchful eye on my member) and it felt pretty sturdy and well worth the money I paid for it. For $USD110, the Bathmate Hydro7 seemed After making sure the product was intact and ready to go I only needed to do one more thing: Try it out.

Using the Bathmate Hydro7

different colors of hydro7

Day 1

Now before I talk about my experience I think it’s important to remind you to ALWAYS FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS. They’re there for a reason and it’s to prevent any injuries you may cause little junior over there. 

I must admit it was kinda awkward walking into the shower knowing I was about to stick my dick into this tube to try and make it bigger, it was a weird mix of self-loathing and excitement at the thought of growing out my member. So I did as instructed and filled it with warm water then I gently stuck my flaccid penis into it. It was pretty awkward at first and felt a little ticklish with warm water slooshing around just my penis but I quickly got used to the feeling. Watching your junk get bigger in this little clear tube was something I definitely wasn’t used to, but I knew this was for the greater good. 

As instructed I did the procedure around three times, five minutes each for a total of 15 minutes. I made sure that I didn’t put so much pressure as to feel any pain or discomfort but just enough to feel my penis stay tense throughout each pump.

Upon finishing the three runs, I realized that I forgot to measure my little guy’s girth before trying out the procedure and definitely felt like an idiot. But it didn’t really bother me much after looking at my junk. It honestly felt healthier and a little bit girthier. 

The Reddit thread said that the initial attempt would last for around half an hour to an hour which I was thankful for. That meant that I could try again tomorrow and hopefully, I’d remember to take measurements before trying again.

Day 2

There were a few things I learned from the first day; mainly that the initial duration of the effect was pretty accurate, as the size increase lasted for about 25 minutes before it subsided and my penis went back to normal. I also learned that supposedly, the warmer the water the more conducive it is for growth. Something about warm water making the tissue softer and better for growth (not too particular about the science I just wanted a bigger dong). 

On the second day, I definitely felt a lot more relaxed and confident seeing as how the first day went so well. I also tried to keep the water a little warmer, still within a comfortable temperature, nothing too drastic. 

Day two went on smoothly just like the first day. I was vigilant with the time and made sure I didn’t go over the recommendation and there was no discomfort whatsoever.

Day 6

Days three through five went on routinely, three five minute sessions made kept everything pretty chill. Buying the Bathmate shower strap made using the device a breeze. I could hang out in the bathroom throughout the entire procedure with my hands fully free which actually caused me to run in with my first complication. 

Being so engrossed in the video I was watching, I completely forgot to set an alarm and went to about seven or eight minutes in my third round. At this point, my junk felt a little numb and I panicked. I immediately depressurized the tool and checked to see if there were any physical problems. To my relief, nothing seemed to go wrong and the slight pain quickly subsided. 

Day 12

I wasn’t sure if this was just me but the head felt a lot more sensitive to the touch ever since starting these procedures. Reading up more about the Hydro7 and other penis pumps (check the penis pumps we recommend) I learned that this is another common effect and benefit going through these procedures. 

Besides noticing this extra sensitivity everything was going just fine. Going through the procedures just felt like another one of my daily routines, like brushing my teeth or doing my morning pushups. 

To my dismay though, there were still no permanent results. I know it’s asking a lot to find instant results but I guess that was just me getting my hopes up.

penis pump results

Day 21

I was skeptical at first but I believe that I actually saw some semi-permanent improvement!

I compared to my second day of pumping, I saw a 0.4-inch increase in length throughout the day and I was honestly astounded by this. I understand it sounds small but I was reading articles online that spoke about not getting results for years and I was getting a little bit worried that I wasted my money. I first noticed the change at around day 16 but I wasn’t really sure. But it stayed pretty consistent! I did forget to do it the day after (night out with friends) and the effects subsided. But after continuing to do it the following days I was really impressed. 

The articles online were pretty on the nose about the importance of consistency with the procedures. I’m feeling more and more hopeful for the upcoming days.

Day 30

Ok, so it’s the final day of my 30-day experiment and things have felt pretty good. Consistency has gotten a lot easier for me and it’s definitely taken its place as one of my daily routines. Besides that one day I missed after the 16th day I think I only ever missed one other day around the 27th.

By the last day, there doesn’t seem to be any notable improvements but again, the key to using this is patience and consistency.


After 30 days of almost perfectly consistent use, I was boasting a 0.4-inch increase in length and no noticeable change in girth. This on its own is a massive success in my book solely because of the fact that there was actually some improvement. I was fully ready to admit defeat and call myself an idiot for even thinking it was possible to get a bigger piece this way, but my expectations were really blown out of the bathwater. I can see myself doing this consistently for the foreseeable future in hopes of adding an inch or two to my very special buddy.

Final Remarks

Before I end this off there are a few things I want to remind whoever may be reading this. First; ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS follow the instructions. The only time I ever ran into some problems were completely my fault when I forgot to time my sessions.

Second, consistency is key! Just like with any exercise or going to the gym, you can’t expect to see any lasting results by going once. You’ll only stay swole if you keep coming back to the gym. If you really want to get your little man swole, make sure to keep coming back for more.

Third, do what’s comfortable for you. Just because you read somewhere that someone else did it for eight minutes or ten minutes straight doesn’t mean you do it too. Hell, if you’re feeling uncomfortable at five minutes there really is no shame in dropping down your time per session. Do what feels right and never ever ignore your body’s warnings

Lastly, it’s very important to understand that results may vary. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results instantaneously. Honestly, as long as you follow the instructions and stay vigilant with your time and pressure I don’t see any cons to buying the Bathmate Hydro7. The company even boasts a full refund for the tool if there are no results, that’s how you know the company trusts its products.

Overall, the entire experience was eye opening for me. The Bathmate Hydro7 showed me the possibilities with this type of male enhancement and I’ll probably end up checking out some of their more advanced models, like the Hydromax7 or the HydroXtreme7, once I’ve gotten better acquainted with my current tool.