How to Pass a Drug Test: Best 3 Tricks Anybody Can Use to Beat a Test

While beating a drug test is a difficult task, if you have more time, you’ll have a better chance of passing a drug test. If you’re someone who doesn’t consume drugs very frequently, you might be able to pass the drugs through your system in a matter of days.

If you believe you’re facing a substance test in a few weeks, it’s best to begin your detox as quickly as possible. The sooner you can stop introducing new drugs to your system, the more likely you are to pass a test. As fat cells store THC and other drugs, a detox can help you begin the process of cleansing your body.

For those who have a significant amount of time to clear a test, exercise, drinking water, and abstaining from drug use can go a long way in helping you efficiently remove substance traces from your body. It’s important to take your detox seriously if you want to avoid issues when the testing day arrives.

As time is not on your side, it is critical to use a method that can help you pass a urine examination as quickly as possible.

Here is a look at the most popular methods currently available.

1. Using Another Person’s Urine

urine drug test strip used to determine normal urine colorIf you need to take a urine test, and you don’t believe that your urine is clean enough to come back negative for drugs, you might be considering taking someone else’s urine into the test. This is sometimes the first instinct of individuals who have minimal notice for an upcoming drug test. Unfortunately, it’s not as foolproof as you might think.

Using someone else’s urine for a drug test can pose a variety of different issues, even if you can guarantee that the urine is clean. Firstly, it can be extremely hard to ensure that the urine stays in the correct condition. If you do not preserve it correctly, the appearance of the urine may change.

On the other hand, if you cool the urine to ensure the appearance doesn’t change, this will likely be detectable by the drug testing firm that is administering the test. All of this also assumes that you will not have someone monitoring you during the test. A set of eyes on you would make using someone else’s urine next to impossible.

The other risk of using someone else’s urine is that you’re placing a lot of trust in the urine being clean. While someone might think they have clean urine, if they use any prescription drugs, or they are not 100% honest about their drug use, it can put you in danger of testing positive.

Still, if there is a feasible way to use someone else’s clean urine, this might be a useful method for passing a drug test. This would require an extremely casual drug testing procedure and access to urine that is guaranteed to be clean.

2. Using Synthetic Urine

man handing a synthetic urine sampleSynthetic urine is a much more convenient way to provide a substitute urine sample to a testing facility. Unlike natural human urine, synthetic urine doesn’t cloud up or change colors after a few hours. This means that the appearance of synthetic urine won’t appear suspicious to testing professionals.

Unfortunately, this is another option that runs into problems if a testing regulator is observing you. If you have someone watching you during testing, it will likely be impossible to use synthetic urine as a substitute. This is why we say it pays to know ahead of time what type of test you will be doing.

Also, you will need to use a heating pad or other heating device to ensure it stays at a realistic temperature. You can check out the best synthetic urine kits here. You can go here to check the places you buy synthetic urine near you.

3. Using a Detox Drink

use of thc detox drinks to pass a urine drug test on short noticeIf you are not in a position to use someone else’s urine or synthetic urine, you need to begin forming a strategy to rid your own urine of drugs within 24 hours. To pass a urine drug test without using alternative urine can be difficult if you are a frequent drug user, but it is not impossible.

While drinking a lot of water can help you begin flushing your system out, there are specific detox drinks that help you remove traces of drugs from your body. These are also referred to as “THC flush drinks.”

THC flush drinks will force you to urinate multiple times before your test. In most cases, you will need to drink the fluid around two hours before the test and then urinate three times before you take the test. You need to ensure you take the test soon after you finish the detox drink treatment since the effects only last for a short window.

If you do decide to use a detox drink for a substance test, it’s a good idea to read the instructions extremely carefully. While these drinks may not be effective at removing THC from your body fat cells, they can help you clear your urine for a short period.

4. Using Detox Pills

If you need to detox your body in 24 hours, it is not just detox drinks that you have at your disposal. There are also detox pills that can help you flush substances out of your body. If you don’t enjoy the taste of detox drinks, using detox pills as a substitute can be an excellent way to ease the process of cleansing your body from THC metabolites and other substances.

sample detox pills that can be used to pass a drug testDetox pills can sometimes last longer than drinks, so they might be a better option if you have a longer window to prep. As always, be sure to follow instructions from the manufacturer to avoid adverse side effects.

5. Drink Water and Exercise

In some cases, people will drink water to dilute their urine and stop substances from appearing in any tests. Additionally, exercising can help you flush your body of substances. While this won’t provide you with the same acute flushing that you find when using specialist detox products, it’s a good way to start cleansing your body of any substances that you don’t want to appear in your urine.

It is important only to drink an amount of water that is safe. Many people do not realize that consuming too much water in a short period can do serious damage to their bodies. It can even be deadly. So, whether you’re trying to remove marijuana or any other substance from your body, don’t drink more water than your body can handle. Look up water intake limits based on your weight, height, age, and other factors.

Home Testing Kits

identify diagnostics best at home drug test kitIf you’re unsure if drugs are present in your system, one way to get some peace-of-mind is to purchase a home testing kit. While these kits aren’t always as good at spotting drugs as a lab test, they can still help you determine if you have a high concentration of illicit substances in your urine. You can purchase these home test kits from your local pharmacy.

Make sure that the home test kit is capable of detecting the type of drug that you’ve consumed. In most cases, a home testing kit will be able to detect THC levels, opioids, and other common drugs.

If you’re currently undertaking a detox to remove traces of marijuana or other drugs from your body, home testing kits are an excellent tool. You can use them to check for traces throughout your detox. While we don’t suggest you develop your home remedies, using home test kits can help you assess the impact of detox products, synthetic urine, or any other method you’re using to reduce THC metabolites or other substances from your body. You can check out the best at home drug test kits here.

Don’t Overdo It

Many people make the mistake of putting themselves in danger when they try and pass a drug test in a short amount of time (more information on how to pass a urine drug test in 24 hours here.) While your first thought might be to begin drinking water and exercising to flush the drugs out of your system, this can have negative consequences if you overdo it. Unfortunately, consuming too much water in a short period can cause more harm than good.

The same rings true for over-exercising or drinking too many other liquids. No matter which method you use, make sure to be extremely careful before you drink much of any substance. While passing a drug test is important, it’s critical to avoid damaging your health in the process.

If you’re planning on trying any method that you’ve researched online, always double-check that it’s safe. Some popular ways to pass a urine drug test can sound good until they send you to the hospital.

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