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Overview of selb youth service

SELB Mission Statement

"To ensure that high quality education, youth and library services exist throughout the area to:
- provide opportunities for personal development,
- encourage individuals to acquire core skills, and nurture moral values embedding responsibility, respect and appreciation

thereby enriching life in the community and contributing to Northern Ireland's economic development. The Board will provide the necessary support services, advice and guidance in accordance with our statutory role, to our direct and indirect customers and partners."

SELB Corporate Values

The SELB through the Strategic Plan recognises the importance of declaring corporate values. We recognise these values as aspirations and seek to demonstrate in our work and service provision that increasingly they are a reality.

The corporate values we believe in are:
- valuing our customers and striving to meet their needs,
- valuing our colleagues, their commitment and contribution,
- communicating openly and effectively, building trust and co-operation,
- exercising integrity, objectivity, accountability, impartiality and promoting equality of opportunity for all,
- focusing on quality outputs and results and achieving value for money, and having a management style and philosophy that is professional, flexible and supportive, delegates responsibility and accountability for decision making to appropriate levels and encourages the involvement of all of our staff in the development of a corporate identity.

3 Core Principles of Youth Work

The 3 core principles of youth work as enshrined in Youth Work: A Model for Effective Practice are:

  • Preparing young people for participation
  • Promoting Acceptance and Understanding of Others
  • Testing and Exploring Values and Beliefs

The 3 core principles resource was developed by the Curriculum Development Unit (CDU) in response to requests from youth workers for a practical guide that would further clarify the principles and give ideas on how to put the principles into practice when working with young people.

The resource includes background information on each of the principles as well as exercises and training posters and a CD with further exercises and resources. Copies of the resource are now available for members to collect from the Youthnet office and are free of charge.

You can also download the resouce from
Download 3 core principles

SELB Youth Service Vision Statement

The Education and Library Board Youth Service will be a responsive educational service focusing on the personal development of young people. It will be a service delivered where appropriately in partnership with others both inside and outside the field of education. It will provide or secure equal opportunities for all young people relative to their needs and embrace the central theme and Core Principle of the DENI 1997 document - Youth Worker Model for Effective Practice.

Youth Work - A Model for Effective Practice

In 1997 DENI produced this document which contains a revised curriculum model with the core theme of Personal and Social Development and core principles which should underpin and permeate all youth work namely:

  1. Commitment to preparing young people for participation,
  2. The promotion of acceptance and understanding of others and,
  3. The development of appropriate values and beliefs

These core principles underpin the personal and social development of young people and should be reflected in all youth work.

Curriculum Model

Curriculum Model

The diagram provides a framework within which the following list provide some programme area:

1. Health Education Information Technology
2. Information, guidance and counselling
3. Testing values and beliefs
4. Creative education
5. Outdoor education
6. Sport and recreation
7. Widening horizons
8. Community involvement
9. Community relations
10. Political awareness and active citizenship
11. Development education
12. Environment awareness

A full version of the document can be obtained in Pdf format through the following link to DENI Youth Serivce.

Core Services of Board

1. distributing Funds and other resources to registered groups engaged in youth work;
2. providing Controlled Youth Clubs;
3. providing Outdoor Education Centres;
4. providing training, advisory and support services for controlled units, voluntary groups, and individuals involved in Youth Service activities;
5. monitoring and evaluating the quality of Youth Service provision;
6. promoting innovative practice in youth work and seeking resources to support it;
7. promoting the image of the Youth Service by raising public awareness and by planned future activity;
8. enabling Youth Units to meet the objectives of the Department's 1987 Policy Document;
9. providing advocacy on Youth Affairs;
10. identifying current needs of young people;
11. initiating and continuing inter-agency contacts on matters relating to young people; and 
12. integrating Youth Service activities with the formal education service in an equal partnership.


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