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Sailing is done from the Center. We have a wide range of boats to suit all abilities and weather conditions! Our most popular boats are the Wayfarers. We also have Drascomb gigs, which can take a large group who know little about sailing and still give them a worthwhile sailing experience.


Can be either Kayaking (single person boats) or Canadian Canoes (the Indian style boats). The session takes place on the sea beside the Center or another stretch of local water e.g the Whitewater River, or Castlewellan Lake.


This is a walk, up a river! The object is to get as wet as possible but this can depend on the seasons.  

On some rivers you get in the water straight away and jump into and slide into as many pools as possible along the way e.g. the Bloody Bridge. With others, the object is to try and stay dry by climbing along the side until you make a mistake and fall in e.g. the Spinkwee River in Tolleymore.


Orienteering or cunning running, as our expert likes to call it, takes the skills of map reading and running, and makes them into a competitive sport. It takes place in the Center's grounds or in one of the local forest parks.  For younger groups it can be done as a quiz or treasure hunt.

Mountaineering and Scrambling

These activities take place in the mountains and can be an all day trip or a single session. Scrambling is a bit like bouldering up a mountain without the water, unless of course it's raining!

Rope Traverse

Rope traverse or sliding across a river attached to a rope by harness is probably one of our more popular activities. You start from the high bank and slide to the low bank possibly getting wet on the way!




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