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School Based INSET

School Based INSET

School Based INSET can be provided as requested by schools on school development days or during directed time as appropriate. Schools should request training using the LSS1 Form.


The following courses are available at both primary and post primary level.

The Education Plan Process    

Education Plan Training: To clarify the Management and process of Education plans in school

This course enables teachers to understand the purpose of Education plans for pupils with special educational needs and to be aware of the stages of the Code of Practice for identification and assessment of SEN. It enables a school staff review their criteria for placing children on the register of SEN and to consider their provision at each stage of the Code of Practice. Education plans are considered in terms of SMART Targets, Strategies, Monitoring and Review. An overview of the management and timing of Education plans in the school diary is also considered.

Overview of SEN procedures and policies in school

This course gives an overview of special educational needs in the mainstream primary school or Learning support centre. Based on an audit it enables a school staff to consider their current procedures and practices under all areas of SEN, thereby deciding on areas requiring further development to be considered for the School Development Plan. This whole staff evaluation ensures consistency and clarification in all areas of SEN.

Working effectively with your Classroom Assistants for Teachers and Senior Management

This course highlights for Teachers the roles and responsibilities of Classroom Assistants and the recommendations of ETI with regard to their support in the classroom. It enables teachers to consider their effective management of additional adult support in the classroom. Teachers consider their own practice and discuss as a staff possible feedback/monitoring systems for effective Classroom Assistant support.

Classroom Assistants - Roles & Responsiblities

This training clarifies the roles and responsibilities of Classroom Assistants with regard to pupils with special educational needs. It provides them with a greater understanding of SEN and how it affects children in school. It explores strategies for including and supporting these children in the classroom. Classroom Assistants have the opportunity to consider their contribution to planning, monitoring and review of Education plans and explore possible feedback/recording systems for use in the classroom.

Understanding and supporting pupils with coordination difficulties / DCD

This training increases confidence in identifying and supporting children with co-ordination difficulties in the classroom. Teachers become aware of features of Developmental Co-ordination Disorder and how this impacts on learning in school. They learn practical strategies for supporting the child throughout the school day within the classroom and playground environments.




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