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Scale of Contributory Charges

Scale of Contributory Charges 2017/18

Tuition in Schools

Contributory Charges for Instrumental Tuition in Schools

£1006.50 per annum.

Schools may pass on all or part of this charge to parents.

Where a charge is passed on to parents the cost per pupil is likely to be in the range of £2.54 to £10.17 per lesson or £84 to £335 per annum. The actual cost will depend on the number of students involved and the level of subsidy provided by the school.  Each school’s remission policy will determine whether or not charges may be subject to further reduction in agreed circumstances.

Music Service Roadshow

£100-£300 depending on size of the school and number of schools attending.

Membership of Groups

Membership of Orchestras, Bands and Ensembles

£88 per annum for orchestras and bands rehearsing on Saturday mornings.

£68 per annum for ‘MusicMakers’ rehearsing mid-week in Portadown, Newry and Dungannon.

Remission: £44 and £34 per annum for each of the above groups respectively when students are entitled to free school meals and for students enrolled in Advanced Teaching.

Please Note:

  • Parents who have more than one child involved may arrange to pay for each child at monthly intervals.
  • Group activities are a highly valued and integral part of the instrumental tuition scheme.

Tuition at Music Centres

Advanced Teaching

£400 per annum for 30 sessions.

The charge for Advanced Teaching includes aural lessons and piano accompaniments in the lead up to exams.

Students enrolled in Advanced Teaching are entitled to membership of orchestras and bands at the remission rate.


£287 per annum for 30 sessions.

Beginner and Intermediate lessons are provided subject to demand and availability.

Theory and Aural Classes

Theory Classes:

Music Service students - £45 per annum or £17.50 per term.

Privately taught pupils - £82 per annum or £35 per term.

Aural Classes:

Grades 1-5 Open aural classes:

Music Service pupils: free of charge.

Privately taught pupils: £45 per annum or £17.50 per term.

Pre-exam Advanced Open Aural Classes Grades 6-8 (pre-booking required)

All students – 3 sessions £15.00



£46 per annum for instruments on loan to Education Authority, Southern Region,  Music Service pupils.

£23 for students who are entitled to free school meals.

Pupils are reminded that instruments should not be left in schools overnight.

Please Note – the cost of replacement strings and reeds is not included in this fee.

Instrument Repairs

Routine Repairs: minimum £10.00, maximum £50.00.

Instruments lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair: 50% of instrument value - minimum £50.00, maximum £500.00.

Bows and mouthpieces will be charged at full replacement cost up to a maximum of £50.00.

Routine maintenance: Free of Charge.

We recommend that you arrange insurance cover, especially for more expensive instruments. Please contact us for information about recommended insurers and instrument value.




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