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At the age of 11 years children normally transfer from primary education to post primary education.

The Board publishes ‘Transfer 2015 A Guide for Parents’ which contains details of the transfer procedure, post primary schools in the Southern Education and Library Board’s area and their admissions criteria. This Guide is distributed via schools to the parents of all P7 pupils.

For those children who are not transferring to grammar schools, transfer may be to a secondary school which caters for children aged 11-16 or 11-18 or to a Junior High School under the Two-Tier System which exists in Craigavon. Under the Two-Tier System, (also known as the Dickson Plan) the majority of pupils in the Controlled Sector Craigavon Borough Council Area and parts of Armagh City and District Council Area attend Junior High Schools for 3 years before transferring to other schools to complete their compulsory education in Key Stage 4.

'The Guide for Parents' for admission in September 2015 can be downloaded below.

A Department of Education (DE) Advice leaflet on the Post Primary Transfer Process for parents of P6 children can be accessed on The Education Support Website.

As well as English and Irish versions, these leaflets have been translated into a number of minority languages including Latvian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Mandarin, Slovakian, Cantonese and Polish.

Admission to Senior High Schools

In the Two-Tier System (sometimes known as the Dickson plan) the majority of pupils attending Clounagh Junior High School, Killicomaine Junior High School, Lurgan Junior High School and Tandragee Junior High School transfer at the end of Key Stage 3 or Year 10 to Senior High Schools or other post primary schools to complete their compulsory education in Key Stage 4.

An electronic copy of the information booklet for parents/guardians of Year 10 pupils due to transfer to Senior High Schools in September 2015 can be accessed below.  This booklet contains admissions criteria for the Senior High Schools.

It is anticipated that copies of the information booklet and application form (Form P1/15) will be delivered to and distributed by Controlled Junior High Schools week commencing Monday 23 February 2015.  It is important that parents/guardians complete and return the application form to their child’s Junior High School by the requested date. 

If your child is not enrolled at Controlled Junior High Schools and you wish to apply for a place in a Senior High School you should complete the application form (Form AP1 14+), which is available on request from the Pupil and Parent Unit.  This form should be returned by parents/guardians to the Pupil and Parent Unit by Friday 13 March 2015.  




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