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Monday 16 April 2007

Special Programmes at Lough Road Centre for Key Stage 4 Pupils
The young people from KS4 enjoyed two very different projects for Tuesday afternoons. One group undertook a six week fishing course, and the other group created stunning carnival masks.
The fishing course took place under the auspices of Angling First Ltd, a charity which tries to encourage young people off street corners and into fishing. Tutor Mark McGivern gave excellent guidance to the aspiring fishermen and most of the young people caught at least one fish each. Many staff and young people enjoyed the fruits of their labours taking home some sizeable trout for dinner.
Carnival Masks created

The remaining group of young people got creative with artist Mairead McLean who inspired them with her tales of the Caribbean to produce amazingly flamboyant carnival masks. Taking their inspiration from the sea, the landscape, and even classic cars the end results were truly spectacular.

Everyone was very sad to come to the end of their respective projects, but are now looking forward to a six-week session of Boxercise after the Easter break.


Two new members have been voted onto the Youth Forum. Welcome to Grace Curran and George McKinney who have already made valuable contributions to the group.


 The young people of Lough Road Learning Centre are really enjoying having access to their new outdoor games area. After much persuasive work by staff, the Board allocated funds to clear, tarmac and fence a previously underutilised part of the grounds.

The addition of football nets and with the potential to add basketball and tennis nets, this is a fantastic new resource for the young people of the centre, especially coming into the summer term.


 Young people from Lough Road KS3 and KS4 and from the Kinnego Centre participated in a highly competitive football tournament to raise money for Red Nose Day 2007. Thanks to all their hard effort a grand total of £101.10 was raised for charity.

The brain-child of the KS4 Youth Forum, it was also a fitting way of officially opening the brand new outdoor games area. All teams demonstrated great sportsmanship and there was also great vocal support from the supporters.

An excellent final saw the KS4 B team narrowly defeat the KS3 A team and lift the trophy. All participants received a medal and certificate and the winning team was presented with a special trophy.

Many thanks to all the young people and staff from all the centres who helped make it such a successful day for all.



It has been a busy term for those involved in GCSEs. The English candidates were visited by the Talking and Listening Moderator and conducted themselves very well. The English Entry Level students have completed their controlled task in class.

The young people involved in GCSEs are now working hard to complete their coursework in English, Maths, Science and Art.


 The Tuesday morning Young Women’s Group has had a busy term. The group followed a 10 week personal development course sampling a range of activities and discussing relevant issues. The girls enjoyed hair and beauty treatments, discovered alternative exercises, benefited from relaxation sessions, and cooked a three-course meal. All agree that it has been a beneficial course and look forward to the next term.

upils and teachers alike where enthralled and fascinated with Peter Joyce, an actor from England who transforms himself into Galileo by dressing, talking and telling stories of the discovery and development of Maths

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