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Monday 09 February 2004

Within the Southern Education and Library Board’s area there are 5313 children due to transfer fromPrimary to Post Primary schools in September 2004. A total of 2878 children did not take the tests either because they live in non-selective areas or because they and their parents have already decided that the possibility of admission to a grammar school was not being pursued.
The parents of 2435 children who took the Transfer Tests in November 2003 were informed of their results in letters issued on Friday, February 6, 2004.

The grades allocated to pupils in the current school year and the previous two school years are:

2003/2004 School Year

2002/2003 School Year

2001/2002 School Year

The next step in the procedure is the completion of the Transfer Form. At the discussion with the Principal of the Primary School parents will be asked to state their preferences, drawing on information already provided by the Department of Education and Education and Library Boards and the information found within the prospectuses of post primary schools. Many parents have already attended Open Days/Nights.

As in previous years parents should be careful to provide all information on the Transfer Form which is relevant to their preferred schools. The admissions criteria of the schools concerned should be carefully studied to ensure that no information such as ‘eldest child in family’ or ‘father/mother attended the school’ is omitted. Where it is appropriate, information should be given about special circumstances and documentary evidence attached to the Transfer Form.

Parents should also ensure that their stated preferences are the most appropriate for the child’s interests as it may not be possible to gain admission to another preferred school should they wish to change their choices from those originally indicated on the Transfer Form.

Information about the Transfer Procedure itself including the completion of the Transfer Form is available from the Board’s Pupil and Parent Unit (028) 3751 2406.

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