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Year 8 Pupils 'Be Bright, Be Seen!'

Year 8 Pupils ‘Be Bright, Be Seen!’

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(L-R) David Livingstone, Senior Teacher City of Armagh HS, Samuel Phillips and Gentere Sagataite, year 8 pupils City of Armagh HS, Gillian Sterritt, Asst Health & Safety Officer SELB, Emily Roberts and Drew Benson, year 8 pupils City of Armagh HS, and Dale Hanna, Transport Manager SELB.

Year 8 pupils in the Southern Education and Library Board (SELB) area have received high-visibility reflective schoolbag tags to improve their visibility to road users.

The winter months may be the first time that new Year 8 pupils have to travel independently in darkness.  In an effort to encourage them to wear something fluorescent or reflective the SELB have financed reflective schoolbag tags.  These tags simply wrap around the rucksack or bag strap and are fastened by a Velcro strap, and can be worn either on the front or back of school bags.

David Livingstone, Senior Teacher, City of Armagh HS and a representative on the Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PSCP) confirmed that: “The hi-vis tags have been well received in school with all year 8 pupils having attached them in prominent positions on their schoolbags”.

Gillian Sterritt, Assistant Health & Safety Officer, SELB, said: “Research has shown that road deaths and injuries to children on foot and on bicycles peak around the age of 12 in the UK.  Therefore, the key group of pupils to deliver these tags to is Year 8 pupils.  The aim of this initiative is to promote the road safety message and prevent death or serious injury on the road. The hope is that these Hi Vis tags will be used throughout their school years.”

Further information on highlighting the road safety message to all pupils can be found at: http://www.nidirect.gov.uk/index/information-and-services/motoring/road-safety/road-safety-education-resources/road-safety-for-post-primary-school-children.htm or by contacting the DOE Road Safety Education Office, 1 Markethill Road, Armagh, BT60 1NR, telephone 028 3752 0773.


The Southern Education and Library Board (the ‘Board’) was established as part of Local Government reorganisation in 1973 and is the largest of the five area Boards. The Board's principle functions are the provision of education and youth services to the District Council areas of Armagh, Banbridge, Cookstown, Craigavon, Dungannon & South Tyrone and Newry & Mourne. It spans 1,450 square miles with a total population of approximately 390,300 including 75,767 pupils.


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