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Chief Executive

The Chief Executive is formally designated by the Department of Education (DE) as Accounting Officer for the Board.

The Chief Executive is also accountable for the general propriety and correctness of the Board's administration, which is subject to challenge by individuals through the Commissioner for Complaints or Industrial Tribunals where cases of religious, political or sex discrimination may be supported by the Fair Employment or Equal Opportunities Commissions.
Chief Executive

Mr G Boyd
Interim Chief Executive

Cases under Industrial Relations legislation may also be heard by Industrial Tribunals. The Board is the employer of 8,313 non-teaching staff and of 2,147 teachers; during the year it processed 7,300 applications for 600 posts; in this context the number of formal complaints made and upheld is not unreasonable.

Other complaints are received but these are dealt with on a daily basis without the need to resort to formal processes.

The essence of an Accounting Officer's role is his responsibility for:

  • the propriety and regularity of the public finances for which he is accountable
  • the keeping of proper accounts
  • prudent and economical administration
  • the avoidance of waste and extravagance
  • the efficient and effective use of all the resources in his charge.

The Chief Executive is directly responsible for Internal Audit

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