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Services to Post Primary Schools

Each Post Primary school receives an annual allocation to purchase library resources through the ELS. Schools can order materials they have seen in publishers’ catalogues or on the ELS Exhibition mobile.

Services to Post Primary Schools
School librarians can also visit Library Headquarters to buy materials from stock using either their library allocation or school funds.

Exhibition Mobile Service

Every school is visited twice a year by a library mobile containing an exhibition of recently published books tailored to support the curriculum and reflect pupils’ leisure and reading interests. Subject teachers can inspect these resources and make recommendations to the school librarian.

The mobile also contains a selection of fiction, information books and special needs resources. Each school can select a range of these free of charge and mobile staff can advise teachers about new fiction or materials relating to their subject.

The mobile is fitted with a tail-gate lift to provide easy access for all.

Project Collection

Additional material on specific topics is available for an eight-week period through project loans. This is an ideal way for schools to extend their resources to cover either heavily demanded topics or occasional unusual topics. Commercial videos ranging from art history to Shakespeare’s plays can also be borrowed on short-term loan.

Advisory and Support Service

ELS librarians can advise on all aspects of the school library – design and planning, organisation and operation.

Induction training is provided for new school librarians and support is provided to all schools through visits, handouts and occasional courses.

ELS staff are also available to talk to teachers, pupils or parents’ groups.

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Edith Dickson
Senior Librarian
Tel: 02837 520744

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